UFO researcher, Albert K. Bender, had to halt his studies after being visited by strange entities dressed in all black, in this clip from Season 18, “The Shadow People.”

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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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  1. First time, I wasn't even asleep. I was 9yrs old, alone in my mom's apartment. It was about 8:30pm on a summer night. I saw it from the corner of my eye. It was staring at me behind a wall. When I would look, it would hide behind the wall. But I saw it. Out the corner of my eye. Finally my uncle came to check up on me. When he left I turned in all the lights on the apartment…..and it was still staring at me with a grin.
    Second time, my grandmother actually saw it hovering over me at 2am. She said it had a long robe. Hood. It startled her and disappeared.
    3rd time, sleep paralysis. Wife had gone to bed and I passed out on the sofa. The same figure my grandmother described was hovering over me. The blinds were moving. His robe was blowing. And he was just looking at me. I couldn't move. Couldn't scream. It was terrifying.

  2. Aliens are spiritual In nature. They don't come from other planets on spaceships. If we ever get invaded, it will be a false flag and our governments are responsible for it

    .don't fall for the fake invasion

  3. wake up people there here to gather souls they can make you see anythimg they want there not smart there bugs that do mind fricks,,and now 237 there taking all our water and no one cares ..your all brainwashed and dont know it

  4. That's because their from the father of lies Satan/Demons/Falling Angels. Disguising themselves as aliens the coming greatest human deception of all time. Revelation chapter 9 the 5th trumpet judgment. The coming invasion of the locusts/demons. They will be used to give reasoning for The Disappearance of millions of Christians throughout the world. The LIE will be aliens took them. They do not want to be investigated they still want to come under this, lie aliens

  5. MIB are real and various et's alien specie have come and gone from here for millennia. I've had personal encounters with a few extraterrestrials. The human race is not ready or equipped to deal with the situation, most human beings are very dull ignorant and of extremely limited capacity. Sorry to inform you, take a look in the mirror.

  6. UFOs are just Precogies.
    Watch Travis Taylor talk about Precognitive Sentient Intelligences – PRECOGIES – on Skinwalker Ranch videos.
    Men in Black are just the same Precogies but materialised as Men in Black complete with materialised black cars.
    That is why they like all other Precogie can perform tricks can walk through walls, appear as ghosts, UFOs, aliens, Martians, Bigfoots, skinwalkers, kill batteries and electrical equipment, etc etc.

  7. Well, the Indian Sr Vidya followers have known about the connections for eons. Their understanding of the triangle, and the human body, and the apparent connection to the divine is well known in certain segments of the Indian, Buddhist, and various Religious groups originating in India.

  8. Hi, I was in the Navy 02 to 07 and one night while sleeping in my house in Imperial Beach San Diego something woke me up and it was something that looked just like this but I didn't see red eyes I wanted to tell my girlfriend but I was paralyzed and couldn't speak as it floated from the left side of my bedroom and passed right in front of where my feet were and then it left straight through my closed bedroom door. I couldn't move nor speak until it was gone!

  9. Yeah they don't know how to use a pen or which end of a fork to put in their mouths …
    but they know how to travel faster than the speed of light … how to dematerialize and
    how to read minds.


  10. I think you are crazy if you believe that there are black beings flying around talking to people I know that the universe is a big place but you are stupid if you think they are real if you believe in that sort of malarkey call out Jesus name out loud and ask for his protection call out Gods name and ask for his protection and see what happens next week on the wacko show.


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