Baba Vanga, a blind and uneducated peasant in Bulgaria, was somehow able to predict many world events. Ancient astronaut theorists say invisible extraterrestrials supplied her with information in this clip from Season 12, Episode 10, “The Akashic Record”. #AncientAliens
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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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  1. Interesting they always talk about the facts that already happened that were supposedly “predicted”. Show me a book from before 2000s where it’s stated that one of her predictions was attack on World Trade Center or a book with Nostradamus predictions from before claimed “predictions happen ?
    There isn’t one 😒

  2. Six months before the 911 event I have seen the twin towers fall in my dreams at night. Some nights my dream would be about a green law firm and the twin towers. Some nights I dream about the towers and about a light yellow office. Some dreams I am inside the airplane flying so low with bad men. I did not understa]nd my dreams at all. The yellow office and the green law firm were so in my face.

  3. My podcast and my predictions are more accurate then this lady …..ready for any challenges Modern predictor is the parody podcast and d dsouza is my youtube channel

  4. Anyway you are not gonna believe how I ended up here: so I'm studying Italian and vanga means spade in Italian :)) like the one that will dig Putin's grave one day 👍🇺🇦🍀❤️

  5. 3:06, So, in 1989, she predicted a tidal wave that would kill a lot of people…Somewhere…At some unspecified point in the future. And then: Lo and behold, after only twenty-five short years, or a quarter of a century later, a wave killed people. Wow. She Clearly had predictive abilities…lololol

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