The Book that is referenced in the Bible,but was left out! Tells the story of the Mixing of DNA of humans and animals….things that provoked the Lord! The real reason why the earth was wiped out,except Noah and his perfect generations!
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  1. Clear my doubt anyone…when I searched 'book of jasher explained' scholars are saying this book is a forgery, the bible mentioned jasher . The original scriptures has never been found etc…is this audiobook fake or …?

  2. I am required to make comment on this. The book of Jasher is lost! This translation is corrupt and antichrist, please research and pray and find the truth. Always follow Christ, read and understand what Christ was asked and what he said was the most important commandment? Also what other command did he place as most important, i will try to describe "love one another as i have loved you!"

  3. Merci🇨🇦Thank you from Canada
    Books referenced to in the Bible should
    be taken into account by
    All who read
    the 66 canonized books

    God Almighty is fully capable to preserve
    All books;

    God has reasons why
    He allowed the
    remaining books to be left out of
    His Living Word

    God's Ways are Higher than Our Ways

  4. Maybe you shine some light on this question and maybe I’m mistaken. But I looked up the references and the first two were there but the third was not “second Timothy 3:8” I googled it and it also referred second Timothy 3:8. Why was I not able to find it?

  5. a few things i not understand with the teaching you have posted for now 1 question i not looked into all the teachings of this man only what you posted here ? it talks on the 12 month calendar ,not the teachings were a month is added every 2 or 3 years lunisolar calendar, Intercalation or embolism in timekeeping is the insertion of a leap day, week, or month into some calendar years to make the calendar follow the seasons or moon phases. Lunisolar calendars may require intercalations of both days and months. ? unless he is talking about the the evil teachings of this time the foundation does not stand ? but have researched many of what you have been showed i hope and think for YHWHS glory is showing alot ? sure there are writings from this man Yashar but seems to me a bit like Constantine teachings ? maybe why so much Egytion and times of baal in it ? sorry the question were was these scriptures found or are from please ? but i get why this book is used by the evil in a big way ?so a warning to them that can see ? so for me the book of Enoch 1 talks in a big way with the port holes YAWH glory is there he knows the years why the dates and times should not be given not even YESHUA knows them ? still we not on a ball marble etc it is a circular plane on 4 pillars ? and evolution is big time shyte ? what do i know ? research all a must were ever you are in your walk ?

  6. my mom was a scolar genius. intuitive bible scolar said to me about all these things to happen in my life. endtimes she daid. The Lord would come back when they mess with his presious bloodline. DNA. Final

  7. the fruit that they ate if was the seed of Satan. if you look up beguiled means seduce. it was the start of fornication and homosexuality. book if Enoch tells if the fallen angels seducing the women. that's the mixing of DNA that its talking about. the heavenly creations mixing with the earthly creations.

  8. All these forbidden books were stolen from egypt when the rome the children of cain.the sit in the vatican vault till today.those books belong to us all.satan doesnt want us to have them.even the Ethiopian bible isnt allowed here.

  9. these texts were most likely before the bibles……….the times are not in order……i use the flood as a point …..but the text before are way way older …adam and eve were maybe even a million years ago….we do not know…..the flood was about 26.000 years ago……or was it??……we have cycles of space to consider…. remember all the texts are subjected to the 'wealthy manipulations of greed"


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