Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High Consequence Biological Threats (featuring Dr. Emily…):


All my love and thanks to those who support this channel in whatever manner you have been led. You guys are the best.



  1. Awesome video Will. I was looking at "her" Adams apple when you blurted out, "she's lovely". I lost it and haven't stopped laughing. Thanks again for all your hard work and great vids. God bless.

  2. All of this pandemic psychopathy is just flirtatious foreplay leading up to the eventual release of the ‘real’ killshot – haemorrhagic fever (ie. Marburg/Ebola) with a 90% fatality rate…that’s when you start watching out your front window the daily piling of bodies onto the horse cart (who all bled to death out of their assholes & eye sockets).

  3. It's a mad mad mad mad mad world. And stupid is as stupid does.
    Experts, experts experts…..scientists, scientists, scientists.
    The educated or now the dumb people. Lol mr scientist has poopy pants.

  4. The educated humanistic sinner, is being brought into delusion under God's judgement. God's sovereignty is what's allowing tptb to control all these false narratives….It's no surprise by this point

    Repent for God's Kingdom is at hand

  5. You've been killing these videos since before I care to remember….GOD BLESS US ALL.
    You're just sneakin by with the biggest truths bro.
    I'm thankful 🙏
    Keep doing it

  6. I really can’t believe how oblivious people are especially when all the puzzle pieces are in our faces. The programming is successful because many can’t see how corruption has gone global and infiltrated governments leaving all our leaders compromised. The 1% are successful at dumbing down our civilization. People are living in a manufactured reality that is upside down and the elites are not hiding the implementation of the beast system that’s right before our eyes. I’m sorry but they made their beds and they’re going to freak when they realize how manipulated they’ are and fooled.

  7. And Now for those who have evolved from monkeys – we present to you: "Monkey pox" They are openly mocking the secular society they brainwashed/created {Darwinism} to further manufacture the consent of the subjects of their eugenics program
    Somting Wong Somting very Wong – Funny ting is- it works! ( Woks}

  8. Do you have a rumble account? Not kidding I've had a bunch of people who I follow be deplatformed. I appreciate your voice and am somewhat bewildered that you haven't been cut from yt.


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