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  1. This is basically my testimony with minor differences 0_0 I feel the EXACT same and I’m only 16 but I’ve found God and I’m dedicated to him, I’ve been a Christian for a few years, and I’ve researched other religions and all sorts of perspectives, and I’m secure with God and Jesus and who he truly is, what the Bible says. He is my king and I am fully dedicated to him. But I’ve always felt the same way as this song, I hope one day I can overcome most or at least more of the temptations I have. I trust the lord to take care of me and cleanse me as long as I repent and turn back to him every time I fail and continue to try not to fail. Jesus was God, and the life of something is in the blood and that’s how the sacrifices work because to pay for death you must give life, God is the source of life, so when Jesus was sacraficed on that cross his blood is infinitely valued, he can forgive an infinite amount of sin and an infinite amount of people from that one sacrafice. I love the way the lord planned everything from the beginning, his will is perfect, so trust him always

  2. This song lead me to the sweet taste of freedom from God, crying my heart out.
    To recognize just how beautiful Christ is, so Loving. Deeply forgiving to sins we feel and know are unpardonable. Hallelujah 🙌🏾 Praise God for the Son. Praise Christ! This is why we live by faith in him, cos he loved us first to forgive us. Giving himself Galatians 2:20. And we are saved, the awesome, heavenly feeling of getting to live another day by the grace And Love of God to be with him is unmatching. His lyric about hoping they’ll forgives us for the same they gon need one day is sooo powerful. Could we ever do what Christ did for us? Die for
    our neighbors? Forgive their unpardonable sin like Christ did for us? The beauty of His life following God’s perfect law is why we live. Crucifying ourself unto him and forgiving our neighbors, showing compassion and mercy to them, truth around our necks in our faith for Him. Building our life of His foundation, strong as a bedrock on the mountainside. Experiencing that beauty and truth in our walk is the Gospel. Truly living like Christ in love and obedience for God, my everything. Where my trust and loyalty can flow—my faith from my love for Him. Thanks Andy, bringing another step closer to my Savior, and seeing his worthiness and why he is Lord. Thank you ❤️

  3. I did the same thing looking at porn and masterbating I realize that it a sin against God and jesus so i get convicted for looking at it so i pray to god and jesus to take it away god allow me to have a girlfriend and he is preparing me for my marriage so I am just the massager I see what god and jesus christ see and I stand and anchor for jesus christ and read the one bible that god and jesus christ stand on.

  4. This song speaks to me .. I’m realizing my patterns just create more distance between me and others. I try but there I go back into it. I want to know what real love is ..

  5. I don't generally like rap but I heard this at a music festival for the first time and I broke down crying, not realizing just how much I connected with this song. By the time the bridge came along I finally understood freedom.

    This song is amazing.

  6. This video is nearly two years old, I haven’t listened to Andy Mineo in months and yet this video pops up on my home feed out of nowhere not long after crying and hating myself about this hole I got myself into…


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