ANGELS SENT BY JESUS! This is my Dream that I am sharing with you all today, this may be a short dream, however, I hope it shares some sort of help in your life as it had to mine.
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  1. Whack job who is into the occult, not the Bible: The prophets follow an evil course

    READ the BIBLE. STUDY the REAL prophets

    11 “Both prophet and priest are godless;

    even in my temple I find their wickedness,”

    declares the Lord.

    12 “Therefore their path will become slippery;

    they will be banished to darkness

    and there they will fall.

    I will bring disaster on them

    in the year they are punished,”

    declares the Lord.

    13 “Among the prophets of Samaria

    I saw this repulsive thing:

    They prophesied by Baal

    and led my people Israel astray.

    14 And among the prophets of Jerusalem

    I have seen something horrible:

    They commit adultery and live a lie.

    They strengthen the hands of evildoers,

    so that not one of them turns from their wickedness.

    They are all like Sodom to me;

    the people of Jerusalem are like Gomorrah.”

    15 Therefore this is what the Lord Almighty says concerning the prophets:

    “I will make them eat bitter food

    and drink poisoned water,

    because from the prophets of Jerusalem

    ungodliness has spread throughout the land.”

    16 This is what the Lord Almighty says:

    “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you;

    they fill you with false hopes.

    They speak visions from their own minds,

    not from the mouth of the Lord.

    17 They keep saying to those who despise me,

    ‘The Lord says: You will have peace.’

    And to all who follow the stubbornness of their hearts

    they say, ‘No harm will come to you.’

    18 But which of them has stood in the council of the Lord

    to see or to hear his word?

    Who has listened and heard his word?

    19 See, the storm of the Lord

    will burst out in wrath,

    a whirlwind swirling down

    on the heads of the wicked.

    20 The anger of the Lord will not turn back

    until he fully accomplishes

    the purposes of his heart.

    In days to come

    you will understand it clearly.

    21 I did not send these prophets,

    yet they have run with their message;

    I did not speak to them,

    yet they have prophesied.

    22 But if they had stood in my council,

    they would have proclaimed my words to my people

    and would have turned them from their evil ways

    and from their evil deeds.

    23 “Am I only a God nearby,”

    declares the Lord,

    “and not a God far away?

    24 Who can hide in secret places

    so that I cannot see them?”

    declares the Lord.

    “Do not I fill heaven and earth?”

    declares the Lord.

    25 “I have heard what the prophets say who prophesy lies in my name. They say, ‘I had a dream! I had a dream!’ 26 How long will this continue in the hearts of these lying prophets, who prophesy the delusions of their own minds? 27 They think the dreams they tell one another will make my people forget my name, just as their ancestors forgot my name through Baal worship. 28 Let the prophet who has a dream recount the dream, but let the one who has my word speak it faithfully. For what has straw to do with grain?” declares the Lord. 29 “Is not my word like fire,” declares the Lord, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?

    30 “Therefore,” declares the Lord, “I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me. 31 Yes,” declares the Lord, “I am against the prophets who wag their own tongues and yet declare, ‘The Lord declares.’ 32 Indeed, I am against those who prophesy false dreams,” declares the Lord. “They tell them and lead my people astray with their reckless lies, yet I did not send or appoint them. They do not benefit these people in the least,” declares the Lord.

    False Prophecy

    33 “When these people, or a prophet or a priest, ask you, ‘What is the message from the Lord?’ say to them, ‘What message? I will forsake you, declares the Lord.’ 34 If a prophet or a priest or anyone else claims, ‘This is a message from the Lord,’ I will punish them and their household. 35 This is what each of you keeps saying to your friends and other Israelites: ‘What is the Lord’s answer?’ or ‘What has the Lord spoken?’ 36 But you must not mention ‘a message from the Lord’ again, because each one’s word becomes their own message. So you distort the words of the living God, the Lord Almighty, our God. 37 This is what you keep saying to a prophet: ‘What is the Lord’s answer to you?’ or ‘What has the Lord spoken?’ 38 Although you claim, ‘This is a message from the Lord,’ this is what the Lord says: You used the words, ‘This is a message from the Lord,’ even though I told you that you must not claim, ‘This is a message from the Lord.’ 39 Therefore, I will surely forget you and cast you out of my presence along with the city I gave to you and your ancestors. 40 I will bring on you everlasting disgrace—everlasting shame that will not be forgotten.”

  2. "I was living in my apartment with my girlfriend." Does anyone take this guy for real? I'm telling you THIS is NOT a prophet from GOD or someone GOD is talking to. These delusional young people are dabbling in the occult, not the Heavenly realms. They think they are speaking with GOD and the angels, and they are convinced GOD is talking to them. I assure you GOD doesn't talk to young men who "live with their girlfriends" or who don't know the Word of GOD, the whole Word. GOD doesn't operate this way. When GOD speaks, He speaks on the Word to His servants.

  3. Telepathy is a new age movement scheme. It opens doors for evil. But thankfully for those who honestly Love God the Heavenly Father, He keeps that person safe from the enemy,

    Leviticus 20:6 King James Version (KJV)

    6 And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.

    When a person hears the voice of another person. It's usually because of bondage. The enemy can trap people in this and nobody would want this "gift" because if anybody could hear your thoughts. If they were an enemy, that enemy could attack you or even deceive you if you aren't Biblically learned in Scripture.

    DO NOT BE DECEIVED GOD JUST GAVE ME THIS SCRIPTURE VERSE. 2 Corinthians 11:14 And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.

    The angel who spoke to you in your dream was warning you about the new age movement about telepathy. Do not be deceived people.

    you dont want anyone to hear your thoughts.

  4. What an awesome dream my dear brother in christ jesus 💞u were walking in the spirit, and we are soldiers in god army that's why they were in military fatigues. When u tilt the computer u needed help and it said I AM will help u. That's what jesus is …he is the great I AM!! I have had great dreams and visions also that I would like to share. GOD BLESS U MY DEAR BROTHER IN CHRIST JESUS 💞

  5. I truly can’t believe how many judge mental “Christians” their are…
    Congratulations on your girlfriend becoming your fiancé!!!
    We should not judge… advice is different than judging!

  6. So, let's see, you had a Jesus dream while your living in sin with your girlfriend?
    Ok, first off, if you do not repent, and turn from your sin, when the rapture comes, you will get left behind, Jesus is Lord, and He is not this feel good God, He clearly, clearly states in His word, if you love Him you obey Him, living in sin, yeah, He kinda frowns on that. Again, it's in the word of God, your not really seeking Him if you think God Himself is patting you on the back while your living in sin, didn't you say you lived with her?
    So, if you are living in sin, and you don't repent, He will leave you in your sin because you chose it over obeying Him.

  7. Jesus said that only the Father knows when Jesus will return and Jesus told His disciples that it isn’t for them (or us) to know the day or hour when He will return. Our business is to get ready?

  8. From a sister in Christ named Jennifer to all my precious brothers and sisters:

    Daughter, it is I, the Lord Jesus who speaks to you this day and I am using you, a vessel in which to speak through. Write these words for they are true and faithful. Yea, I confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

    My children, My bride, it is time to go home. I have waited for this moment since the beginning of time.

    Sooner than you think, you will be where you belong, in My arms, safe and sound. Rejoicing, laughter, and pure joy await you.

    There is nothing left to prepare, and the only thing that must happen is for you to be caught up to heaven at My call.

    A war that the earth has not seen is upon the inhabitants of the earth. As this war begins, a wedding will begin to commence in the heavenly realm and a celebration that surpasses all celebrations will be our reality.

    I have been waiting for some of My children to align themselves with My Holy Word. Believe that My Grace is sufficient. You so not need to work fo your salvation.

    For it is by grace through faith you are saved, and that not of yourselves that no man should boast. You are not saved by works, but you are saved for works. I say to you, just believe.

    Will I find faith when I come? Man’s righteousness is as filthy rags. Do not think there is anything you can do to earn your salvation. Do not mix the Law and Grace, or I will spew you out of my mouth. I say to you yet again, believe only in Me and My finished work on the Cross.

    Continue to share the Good News while you are able, and love your fellow man, as you love Me. In so doing, you are showing good works.

    I am in your midst. Can you not feel My Holy Spirit surrounding you with My love? My beloved, only moments from now you will be drinking from the River of Life freely and walking on streets of pure gold.

    I AM the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Yea, it is I that liveth and was dead and behold, I AM alive forever more and have the keys of hell and of death. I AM from everlasting to everlasting. I AM God and there is none else.

    Look up, lift up your heads, for your redemption is upon you. It is finished. Behold, I come.

    Yea, it is I, your triumphant King of kings, and Lord of lords, your first Love, Jesus❤️.

  9. Having Dreams From the Lord is The Most Best Feeling and Motivation and Comforting Experience Ever in Life and Then you Want to Hear From God More Whether it’s a Good Message or Bad 💞💞💞

  10. Some people believe in the antichrist false prophet and the beats and some people believe Kanye is the false prophet because of what he says in his songs and he wants to be Jesus and acts like Jesus switching up his mind in believing and questioning everything he said “I made Jesus walk so I’m never going to hell ignorance right my curses in cursive” talks about talking to Jesus being a close high next to him saying that Jesus is alive and chained to this world the false prophet will bring the image of the beast and it will speak and whoever so does not worship the beast must be killed by the sword and he comes out with the mark of the beast

    Higher Power Higher Essence Higher Life
    7lampstands of god = 7 churchs
    7golden candlesticks = 7 spirits
    7 stars that sit in the right hand = 7 angels/beingsoflight

    Mystery book of 7 seals

    7 trumpets

    7 bowls of judgement

    I follow the one true god of Israel I believe that I seen these things in the 3rd person and someone with the all knowing consciousness was able to control creations fate and create for god because of the things he commitith and doeth that know god deity being person soul beast or animal could ever do or accomplish No I do good works give charity pray repent 2-4x a day for everything I can think of i channel my thoughts thru my emotions and feelings I mediate on my thoughts I follow what’s faithful and true I don’t lie to myself I true to enlightenment and brighten myself unto light .. I try to make the right decisions and choices I follow science and history ancient scriptures from 1000s of years ago that match our English translation I follow the mind heart body soul and spirit and the 5 senses trying to combine them into 1 I study the 4rth dimension and anything higher and I also like quantum theories quantum levels and quantum physics so I know the sources I go by are only true by history and science Ik about Norse Greek Egyptian Roman mythology and ancient languages and angelic sound languages Ik about the ancient civilizations and all these similar pyramids being built in specific places all around the world for a purpose by different gods Ik about some of the ancient tablets and their gods and their beliefs and what they did but those sources are just misplaced forgotten lost and mistreated and not kept safe so I don’t trust their sources I believe that we all were one at one point and they destroyed every any and all parts of everything on purpose for these reasons I’m sure I don’t have to type ALL of them .. all the bad deity’s of fortune are all together proven fact so all the good deity’s of fortune are put together in these end times scientifically energy can’t be destroyed only transferred so we indeed are reincarnated but we live thru the same things with the same people each life time because we repeat history over and over so we see the same things in these life’s together and it’s up to us to figure out while WERE all in the SAME place what we can do as people here on this earth with potential of creating and destroying for gods will the Bible doesn’t even believe Jesus is in heaven it talks about him reincarnating over and over going to the father “”

    Jupiter is clouds lightning storms 7 chakra is the crown chakra which is consciousness/
    Which is god

    Jesus will return at the age of 28-33

    Eyes flame of fire

    Legs have looked like unto bronze as if it had been burned in a furnace

    His hair was white like wool and snow

    And out his mouth went a two edged sword

    Which is god in the flesh but remember god is greater then just that because without that rythem nothing exists and we can’t spiritually mentally emotionally or physically be replaced we are who we are nobody can change that except us

  11. What I can tell you for sure is this. The whole white vs. black race deception is hollow and wrong. The spiritually powerful being who created us, does not look as white and pasty as me. The beings that first settled this planet do not look like you and me, my friend. They're skin pigment is much darker and deeper than mine(ours). Slavery in and of itself was/is one of the worst offences the people of the American colonies ever committed. Having grown up in Houston,Tx with family in Galveston, Tx area, I realized at an early age that black folks, or African Americans ARE the "salt of the Earth" people. They're full of love. Have great family values, and are soooo overlooked by many. Mistreated in the worst ways by so many. It makes me sad so often, because I know for sure that the angelic beings beyond our observable world, are of these darker-skinned genetics. ITS TRUE! We should be grateful and thankful to all black folks/African Americans for their massive contributions to our world. Our culture. Our existence. Love everyone in Yashua's(Jesus Christ) name. He's coming back, very soon. Thank you.☺🙏👍

  12. Ur dog did c something… Pets can sense something we can't sense good, but they do. It cud b evil or good. Ur spirit traveled & show u his goodness & put Ur whole trust in Jesus totally my dear brother. Read Ur Bible & b prayed up in these last days. "keep Ur eyes on Jesus our Lord & Savior" 💞💕💗👍🏾💖💕👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾❤️👍🏾👍🏾

  13. The grand monarch lord raccoun and is 144000 divine human angel psysical immortality immortality is the future of gods childrends take over the meet the real Jésus by deepack chopra, meet the great truth teller rumi, meet à immortal human avatar ramtha, learn To create miracle in your life with hira hosen zen France , walk the path of the new human with doctor janni Lloyd and katty dobson , rewrite your dna with Bruce lipton and jbittersweet biokenesis tantra kudalinie yoga the quantum humaknow luminous quantum human simran singh journey To enlightment inner awakening procyonlotor cosmic university vernon Howard

  14. GREAT DREAM!!!! Wish I could have one like that!!!! I have a question for you, or ANYONE who might be able to answer. My husband and I were at Church this evening, and I asked Jesus, in my head- "Please, since you won't verbally speak to me, could you give me some kind of sign that the "Rapture" will happen before the year is out?!" Then, the Priests sermon was about going before a Judge for our faith, and being persecuted!!!! Well, my thought was -"That CAN'T BE GOOD!?" Then, before church was over, the last song was – "Take me Home". Now, am I wrong, but is that some "MIXED SIGNALS" or what?!

  15. What a cool and exciting dream! Very encouraging to know Jesus does have our back for those who trust in him. With the times we have ahead of us I believe he was letting you know when things start getting rough he will always be there for you. He said he will never leave us nor forsake us! God Bless you bro and and have a great day!!


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