Episode 202: Hope everyone is staying safe during this crazy time. In this episode, robots are the solution to the racist cop problem, Simpsons predicts police station fires, Trump calls for “retributions” and basically martial law, the number 12, paid protestor seems honest about getting paid by Soros, the mysterious origins of the bricks, new jingle about doing nothing, anonymous resurfaces, mom is on it, cool kids clean up after riots! Thanks for joining us on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Dlive, and Periscope/Twitter! And make sure to visit the CanaryCry.Community for some unhindered social media off of the facebags and tweeters! Finally, please visit our SUPPORT PAGE (canarycryradio.com/support) if you feel called to help us feed our babies and kittens! #trump #bricks #moms



  1. You sure about that man? Racism level will probably depend on whom is programming the robot. Also, you guys see the footage of those riot cops beating the s*** out of their their own vehicle after spray painting "f*** 12" on the side of it? Shit's a psyops that everybody fell right into…


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