Yes Dorothy, we aint in Kansas anymore. 1984 Has been here, And sooner rather than later Its all GOT to come to a breaking point.
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  1. Honestly, I used to get so ANGRY at conservatives and all of their conspiracy theories. Truthfully, there is so much information out there that it has taken me concerted effort to learn about things. It's not easy. Yes, the information is there, but it's not like you can go to a website and know if it's real or not. Put that together with years of indoctrination and brainwashing. Most of us were blinded to the truth ourselves so we need to remember that it's not easy to not follow the herd. It's been very lonely for me and am trying to figure out how to understand all of this and still function as a human being.

  2. God gives us discernment, he tells us all things…stand strong people ,do not be decieved. God will wipe out evil n satan's children and his sytem..God Bless poeple. .stand for God till the very end..

  3. Hello, I life near Munich/Germany{I'm 41 years old} and just let my dog out it's 00:12 o'clock and there are only little insects outside, that isn't normal! It wasn't like that couple years ago,we had much more insects back in the days of my childhood now there mostly moskitos ! But we have every day chemtrails over our heads now,the colours of the sky isn't like it used to be,it's not a deep blue anymore it's more like grayish now! And before I forget my days are shorter than the used to be,it's like I wake up and a couple hours later it's bedtime already! I guess I am just crazy and everything is normal….

  4. The system wants the herd to be so occupied with surviving this society;there is no time to critically research. Time is spent working and sleeping for the producers, everyone else is just too drugged out or abusing substances to matter.

  5. It's mind blowing that we have to smog our automobiles, but jets can dump this shit on us. Has anyone seen the snow that don't melt? Under a lighter snow wasn't melting, in some places, it smelt like burning plastic. Geo-engineering, micro-fiberoptics, smart-dust, weather manipulation, Morgellons? Do these pilots know they are poisoning their own people?

  6. The churches of Christ in Oregon walked from grants pass to Salem Oregon to complain to the governor about climate change. Churches are infiltrated! Read your Bibles! Psalm 77

  7. Richie I'm with you, it seems so obvious what is happening but you bring it up your crazy!! thanks for being a true truther!! We need as much truth pumped everyday that we can get…

  8. All true and we need to share knowledge even if no one listens. It is morally imperative. However, the spoken word has influence, it has been shown. For a spiritual, non-religious person it is quite believable that intent can manifest and the spoken word can also be affective. Maybe this is partly why people shy away from knowledge? Do they know these things without be cognizant of it? It is natural to resist negativity. We need to convey the message without helping to cause it to happen. Oh! Crap.! We were used TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! Lol (but just a bit)

  9. When the "Master Reset" happens… and it is NOT far off. Gods "Chosen Ones" (less than 5% of the current population), will be all that remains. The reason I am bringing this up is, we can NOT wake up the other 95% no matter how hard we try. The President couldย tell them right to there face all the lies and horrible things being done…and the 95% willย go on about thereย day in an dumbed down stateย state of ignorant bliss. This is done by design. Not everyone is meant to survive what is coming, the 95% will perish while the remaining 5% of the"Chosen Ones"ย will beย left to start over. As sad as this may sound, its time. I am one of the 5%, I will pray for the other 95%. Keep up the good work RFB, you are chosen as well.

  10. And nobody is listening…….. so they make fool out of me when i talk abt geopolitics and world finance and economics and they think everything is natural bt in fact. every thing is manufactured artificially according to the needs of this called super-rich or known as 1%. ๐Ÿ˜•

  11. In islaam also its mentioned that there will be almost no knowledge. no respect for elders. bloodshed. muslims fighting muslims in elsewhere especially is the region of syria. there will be a war in islam its knw as the mother of all the wars. so on……. i have a knowledge abt end tomes.

  12. some of the dumbest things I have ever heard cam out of the mouths of degreed individuals. Some of the most ingenious things from people with very little "education". Truth Richie peace and keep up the good work. Many are seeing, caring and listening. Forget the scoffers mentioned in the bible we know what is to come brother.

  13. great vid bud. again. I think the fake events happening now are to distract from the high crimes that are happening over seas. crimes against humainty.war crimes. keep people entertained with school shootings and airplane beatings while we bomb em.

  14. I have to agree with you Richie. Religion is not of God but man made. We don't need church like we have no on earth to go to heaven. we just need to have God and live the life he ask us. We live in a world that is meant for fallen angles and evil sprits.

  15. Hey Richie, Let me quote a scripture. " …we are rejected by Men but proven precious with God"…The Bible also says the powers that be in Heaven are going to come down and pour out God's anger….Don't get Mad , Raise yourselves erect, were going to see things man has never seen. The Egyptian plagues on Pharoah with Moses are kids play to what's coming. … Joe from Boston


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