Admiral Byrds actual footage(silent) Dubbed over by RFB with Actual interviews and PBS documentary on Byrd Antartica and its true importance to humanity.
RFB PBS Byrds Interview Byrds 3rd expedition silent footage. Help me help others as well as Make much needed upgrades to my equipment and channel
Special thanks to ODD Reailty
And NICHOLSON1968 for the intros and outros

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  1. Midnight Sun??? What a bunch of bunk! Do you really believe a word Admiral Byrd says??? Come on people. They lie about everything and I know it's a lie when they say Antarctica has a Midnight Sun

  2. Why has this been put through a computer programme , it's been time Ted and slowed up fast,,if u know anything about film ull understand that if not it's the biggest give away this has been tampered with ,srry ,only telling the truth ,and a digital tint ,should put a little crackle in you wld have fooled more ,

  3. Nice work splicing two separate (and unrelated) films together. It was obvious after the first one… and I saved myself some life hours by stopping.

  4. Byrd discovered New America! They locked him up in a mental hospital, yes our greatest explorer!
    He wanted to tell everyone! Big mistake! What if there is INFINITE LAND, NOT INFINITE SPACE? But we are in prison, warmongers and Pdos not allowed to explore and spread their evil….👿😫👿 The reason for all their hate! NASTY NASA AND CERN, WASTE TRILLIONS ON ESCAPE PLANS!

  5. "To take another would incur the almost inescapable suspicion of homosexuality "
    My how things have changed. It was a stigma then and now it seems that you need to be or say you are at least bisexual ; to be heterosexual is now becoming a stigma.

  6. The Government would have required he say he made it at that time, even If he didn't. People really don't understand Propaganda and how much/often, it was/is used in the USA.

    Byrd would respect the Gov wishes over his own Character.

    He certainly made it to both N/S poles anyway.

    I love Penguins! ..and Seals, Dogs, Foxes, … but Bears scare the p outta me!

  7. Its a ALIEN base simple as there buildings over 180miles long and 5mile wide knot including pyramids, pluss top peaple like obma prince harry pope john poul and meny more have seen these biases, the government is only interested in lining their pockets with our money, and making war amoug us wile they get more wealthy, we are just a number ,a peace of.meat the the government,

  8. Notice how Clinton looks exactly like FDR? I researched & found out FDR died in 1945 & Clinton was born in 1945 (about 13 mos difference). But Clinton’s father was said to have died before he was born (hmmm. No father). The story is, his mother married into the Clinton dynasty. What if FDR was cloned? All Presidents are related. Even Obama.

  9. Great informative…I always watch Admiral Byed …Ted gunderson .. chris Hudges…DAVID IKE ..WIilliam cooper …PLEASE LOG ON STOP THE CRIME. NET …LOOK AT ALL VIDEOS THERE. ITS UNBELIEVABLE….WE LIVED IN …METRIX LIES…LIES & DECEPTION BY SATAN'S…THANK YOU !!

  10. The other vids are down. I tried them does this mean they made him fabricate a lie about being with advanced race? So they can bring in the clones or AIs as the Pleadin race?


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