The Catholic Church is inviting everyone to participate in the Synod on Synodality — the people of God walking together — in listening sessions across the Philadelphia Archdiocese in spring of 2022. The archbishop of Philadelphia explains the process and invites everyone to share their voice and listen to one another and the Holy Spirit.



  1. Bishop Perez first must have atonement services since he and all the priests under him Worship the virus these past two years. We cannot go forward since we need to atone for this great since of worshiping another Idol. It was demonic to follow those restrictions or demonic Masks mandates. Bishop Perez and his priests should have their heads bowed in shame for canceling public Mass. It's a mortal sin to miss Mass.

  2. May the Holy Spirit enlighten our minds and hearts as we come together. May this exercise unite all Roman Catholic faithful and those who may have fallen away from the church. May God bless you.


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