Leave your comments below. But it would appear there was a fog that somehow caused strange symptoms amongst folks in the midwest. Was this a test area? Im not sure, Just thinking out loud.
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  1. MR. RIICHIE. Quit your fucking bitching ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️and do something about it. Get all your followers to come together and overthrow this government. Pussy punk bitch ❗️❗️❗️❗️ your nothing but all talk .

  2. Rothschild Zionists are heavily invested in SAI and climate geoengineering. Ironic, isn't it? The so-called "Chosen People", who are always claiming to have been victims of the "Holocaust", are now aiding and abetting the biggest genocide the world has ever seen. Think about it; no 5G will be allowed in Israel. I would bet no SAI in Israel, either.

  3. If a child born today makes it to the age if 18 without autism or any immune deficiency they are lucky. Very lucky. My daughter took my 4 month granddaughter in to get her "shot" because wic was up her ass about it. A week later my granddaughter died from sids. I found out a few months ago that one of the side effects of the mmr is sids.. They killed my baby… My family has not recovered.. They need to be stopped..

  4. Monsanto has patents for corn, beans, etc. to grow under high concentrations of HEAVY METALS. No one is talking about shooting down any of these planes. No leaders are addressing this. Trees, insects, animals, everything is getting close to CRITICAL MASS!! IF THE CHILDREN OF THIS WORLD WON'T UNITE SATAN IS SOON TO ARRIVE!!

  5. Just a note…. What kind of world would be striving to stay alive in… I'm a fighter and survived cancer… Not sure if I want to make it in the world that the NWO is creating. I'm sold out for Jesus and will keep kicking,… Just sayin…. Good work 👍 RFB!!!

  6. No Richie. They are not. What they ARE doing is using the chemtrail conspiracy theory to hide the fact that jet plane engines are unregulated. With the growth of air travel and newer engines the amount of sulphur being released into our skies is criminal. Its all about money. I am not saying there is no criminal luciferian elite threat as there most probably is. But the chemtrails are soot. Loads of tons of it being pumped into our atmosphere. If regulation was brought in to make them fit catalysts etc and make the jet fuel less sulphurous it would cost them around $2 billion and they don't care about anything except money. Please look into what i am saying as i like your channel and many of the things you say but on the chemtrail conspiracy i think you will find i have given you the most likely answer. I look for truth and try to keep open minded. I see there is something wrong with the skies but i no longer hold the chemtrails theory as a valid one. It all comes down too money. As for black helicopters and chaff being dropped i think thats a big worry. The $ is so devalued maybe they are getting ready to crash the US economy. God bless from the UK. We see what is happening there.

  7. It IS possible Chemtrails are also witchkraft . I know thé smoke Can tout bé used for transmit disease and hate between a woman of his husband. Thé smoke Can bé used for control and enslavement of humanity.

  8. Richie ever since they heavily sprayed here in the central valley California the last few months everyone is getting more sick than usual and we haven't seen the sun much the last 2 years!

  9. We Know that Barium is being used, Barium attacks the Lungs causing more Mucus so you clear your lungs and swallow the Aluminium, Lithium Stronium Silver Iodine Candida Mould Coal Dust. If they sprayed Ebola Virus it would effect us very fast due to the weakened Lungs from the Barium.
    Oxygen is the cure.
    G5 technology makes Bacteria and Viruses grow resistant to Antibiotics, they Sence they are constant attack and mutate making Antibiotics useless, 70s was the start of G technology and The Start of Antibiotics ineffective Fight against Bacteria and Viruses, constant use of Bleach and Baby Wipes with Anti Bacterial properties have been a big part behind Children's inability to Fight basic Bacterial infections,. This and the Role out of G5 Technology will apart from desimating, Birds, insects, Plants and Trees will have a knock on effect taking us back to a time before Antibiotics. Then when Billions have Died the Antichrist Satan will step forward with a Luciferin cure, all yours Free of charge,all it takes is a bow , declaration that he's God and take the Mark, heck, he might even throw in a TV Dinner.


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