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  1. Here say this so you can protect yourself & your family…/ I now break Every curse, spell & hex that may have been put out against any one of us. I break the power of any curse from a witch, warlock, or satanist; every santerian curse, roots curse, Indian curse, voodoo curse, and curse of words spoken, or anything written or any object's. I Reverse that curse & send it back to the demon that brought it here in the 1st place, AND I COMMAND THAT DEMON TO GO BOUND INTO UNINHABITED DRY PLACES IN THE NAME OF JESUS. I break every ungodly emotional soul tie that is connected to any of us in the name of Jesus amen ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

  2. I had a vision.

    In my sleep i felt the Spirit of the Most High engulf me and took me to a great height. When i could open my eyes i saw that i was in a house of Worshippers, above the earth,hidden in a mystical cloud like atmosphere.
    The Worshippers were in light clothing in colour and they were joyful singing praises and walking around. One came out of the house and looked down to earth, she came back shaken and worried, as she passed by me she started shouting "A great evil is coming!!!" .there was a sudden panic/ slight discomfort amongst the true Worshippers who watch over the Earth.

    I blinked, when my evey were opened i saw that i was by a river, there i saw the shadows and heard a shout of angry/furious soldiers who were to cross the river.

    This i have seen. A great evil is indeed upon us ,i see these signs and wonders. Please keep watching and stay awake, the soldiers are about to rise up!
    I also have seen that they will resurrect the Pharoah of Egypt who will be reborn and live amongst us, he will rise in power, with his Egyptian power of black magic he will have the attention of the nations, one of his miracles will be an attempt to turn day into night.

    These things i have seen. I pray that you take heed of these words, remember these things and tell many.

    My email :badweatherbradley@gmail.com

  3. Mount Hermon, is where the fallen angels first set foot upon this earth, and also where they made their pact with each other, to rebel against the Lord. It was/is, a `portal`.

  4. YHWH bless. Noticed Florence + tha machine satanic song "dog days" talks about genocide of gentiles and including elderly and children and the song lasts 3:44! 44 is the week 44 of this year and 3 is the day of the month in which the kabalists say messiah antichrist plans to come forward after destroying Seatle although in this video the satanic simbolism is clearer but it lasts 22 seconds less but it's the iknfamous skull and bones 3:22 (also have in mind 311 is a prime reversible to another prime 113 and satanists link it to their messiah) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGrx6etMl0w and the two blue woman in video could be rivers Nyle and Eufrates or kali and shiva are blue plus the gematria of florence (search in the net easy) and it only keeps on getting wierder and wierder cause her value is 209 and "the machine" is also 209 and added it gives words with 418 value like Illuminaty, microsoft etc and endless lunacy

  5. 1 John 5:19… "We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway (influence) of the wicked one". We should expect more and more of this demonic nonsense as the Day approaches.

  6. Whatever they try to do will boomerang back to harm them. Whomever the Almighty Heavenly Father puts over a nation will be protected until the Almighty Heavenly Father decides to remove them.

  7. " MAGA " is itself "MAYA" as there is no guttural G sound in the Hebrew. the term Yod = God in the Hebrew. 1st tool to de-cypher their MATRIX is to change the "G" to "Y". if you will notice also these are the only two lowercase letters in the English alphabet with the "hook" shape below the line. g = y

  8. I have a word from God that came in this morning. "Tears will salt the Earth, fields will refuse to grow, sinners will be in pain, from head to toe". Sounds like Tribulation is coming soon. And as for people casting spells well It doesn't matter what people try to do, if you're a child of God, nothing will touch you. If something happens it's for God's glory and He allowed it to happen for a reason. Sometimes we will have to go through things for our own spiritual growth, sometimes we as Christians go through persecution so that opposers get their just judgement from God and more importantly, we endure so that they maybe SAVED. That's what it's about. Endure until the end and in hope that some of those who are against us will find Jesus through us! For we are all sinners saved by God's grace.

  9. PTL Brother Fish, Great video. It's always great when the Spirit moves and we are able to open up a can of King James on the enemies plan, and hopefully win souls by reproving the evil deeds of the children of darkness. Let your light so ๐ŸŽ‡shine!

  10. It is time to take legal action against this treason. The demonic-rats (the HRC party) do not recognize the facts of President Trump or his administration's actions and accomplishments in any way shape or form – their only focus is how to nullify and get rid of him no matter the Constitution or the People. HRC is the party of embedded criminal cronyism which never thought it would loose in 2016 and as such its criminal acts and intentions would never be exposed. Their claims and actions against President Trump are flat out projections designed for damage control. To psycho-political criminals due process is whatever they say it is as long as they can get away with it – and this is what we see. This impeachment hoax is a malicious fraud and must be exposed for what it is and shut down by due process. Start right now with arresting Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi for their obvious sedition and treason.

  11. We have been led to believe we have a constitutional right there is no rights anymore the new world order has been in play for a very long time we're just all asleep well most of us and people like it that way they don't want to see what we see very sad but it is the condition of the world and they know it they put it in our face they make fun of us they mock us all day long for those who can see we wish we could leave now all glory to the Lord God may God bless you and keep you


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