In “Are We In The Last Days?”, Pastor Carter Conlon teaches on scripture from 1 Thessalonians 5 and how we must stay alert to the idea of Jesus coming back at any moment, “like a thief in the night”.

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May 25, 2022 – Carter Conlon – Times Square Church
Are We In The Last Days?



  1. Help in Los Angeles being hunted by Africans and Latinos.  Scottish white. Help. Millions of then. 52 years strait. Africans, indiginious,  Latin Americans destroyed my family and I.

    No black or Latino go to Jesus' and Yaweh 's Heaven. No matter what. Democracy forces these Devils children to be treated Equal with the Children of Jesus , Yaweh. Or be destroyed. 

    Jesus is white white. Edgar Casey's reincarnation list. BC : AD Painting Nostradamus ( Jesus reincarnation) shroud of Turin,  white –  white northern European bone structures .

    Italian maybe. Otherwise.  Africans and Americas are not people of Jesus and YAWEH
    — Michael

    They never will be forever and ever and ever. Not a single one will go to Heaven. 

    — Michael
    Sword & Spear

    Sing new songs, the accusers African and Latin accuse our God day and Night

  2. yes we are in the end if you are a born again believer,, & Jesus Christ is your Savior then you have the Holy Spirit & are able to discern these things,, if not, I strongly suggest you seek Him & ask Him into your life, He is a gentleman & NEVER forces His way into your life.

  3. Concerning the great multitude in heaven of every tribe, people, and nation… Revelation 7:13-14 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they? And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

    Those in white robes in heaven came out of great tribulation! This is not Pretribulational but rather people are going through the purge.

  4. I asked Google on my phone if there was a 7 year peace pact signed with Israel and other nations.
    Lo and Behold the answer was the Abraham Accord which was signed by Jared Kushner who also just
    recently bought a tower that has, "666" on it. The date when the Abraham Accord was signed was
    Aug. 13, 2020. So that would make the Mid tribulation to happen Jan 25th 2024. And the 2nd Coming
    would be July 8, 2027.

  5. 🙈🙉🙊🙏 More Encouragement, July 22 2019 A Monday Evening At 10pm It Was A Light Thunderstorm and I Was Looking Out The Window 🪟 and There Was A Flash of Lightning and Up In The Sky I Saw A Large Number 7 God's Perfect Number and Means Completion, I Believe God Was Telling Us Something.

  6. 🙊🙈🙉🙏 More Encouragement, I Had A Dream That Was Heavy On My Mind Upon Awakening, Dream Was I Looked Up Into The Sky and There Was A HUGE Angel and He Was Lifting His Trumpet 🎺 Up Ready To Blow It, 5 Days Later One of My Daughters Sent Me A Picture of Jesus Up In The Sky, Which I Believe Was A Confirmation, I Still Use That Picture As My Background Photo In My Phone 📱.

  7. 🙈🙉🙉🙏 Some Encouragement
    At Age 15 1960 I Received and Many Times After That, That I Am The Generation That Shall Not Pass Until All These Things Shall Be Forfilled, 18 Years Later I Was Taught The Complete Bible and Bible Prophecy, Then I Understood The Message, May 15 1948 When Israel 🇮🇱 Became A Nation Again Is The Generation That Shall Not Pass Until All These Things Shall Be Forfilled, Can't Be Much Longer Not Many Of My Generation Left, Plus The Signs Of The Last Days Are Everywhere, Especially Right Now, Jesus Is In The Birth Canal, JESUS IS COMING.

  8. 🙈🙉🙊🙏 September of 1978 I Was Talking To God At My Home and I Said You Are Not Like You Used To Be Years Ago You Spoke To Your People Now You Are Just Far Out There Somewhere, and I Received Tell Everyone That You Come In Contact With That I Am Ready To Pour Out My Wrath but It Is Time If You Will Turn Back To Me.
    With Modern Technology I Have Been Able To Get The Message Out The Past Few Years.

  9. What is it with you fools believing that Jesus is coming back? The man died over 2,000 years ago you're going to have to take care of things yourself. Stop coping and actually do something, that's what Jesus would have actually wanted you to do, not lie about and be passive waiting for someone else to fix your problems.

  10. I don't know if you are pastor Tim ?
    But your message here, is the first message from a True messager of God out of His Very mouth felt in me by the Same Spirit. That's never happened, I can't find anyone of Faith to Speak the REAL WORD FROM GOD, I was a local minister 2002 – 2005 my pride in both work and ministry (sin) caused God to purge me through life's experiences in the most darkest places on earth, fire after fire after fire until I am right back to the very spot I was 52 yrs ago when God first spoke to me. The place where my dad ran out on us, I lost my oldest brother when I was six. The house has just been torn down during this six months God has isolated me.
    I've repented and the experiences I've had during my purging, was of the power of my Lord and Savior, I've stood toe to toe with some of the meanest people in America, and some of the best Soldiers of Christ who had been rejected by today's CHURCH !
    I was birthed into HIS SPIRIT 2000
    Baptized in HIS NAME ACTS 2,8,20,19
    I've been stabbed twice as I watched both knives break before our very eyes.
    He lunged in to penitrate my heart twice with two different knives.
    Straight forward the first knife broke, he ran in the house, grabbed a different knife and lunged off the porch stabbing me in the heart twice… As we watch the second knife break…
    He was drunk beating up his gf is why I was there.
    I got in the car without looking down at my chest because I felt as if I was wounded believing I was bleeding for my chest felt wet. I couldn't look at it until we drove off.
    Lol…….. I took my shirt off, no blood, no wound, just two tiny pin pricks… .
    Lol….. No weapons formed against me shall prosper.
    My walk with Christ has been full of sorrow and pain, more then one man should ever endure in this short of a life time. Ten years ago I was told God has to be with you, I would of killed myself by now, imagine 10 more years of that constant non stop purging for understanding, to be Christ's representative you must learn who He is, and seek His face and find the Consciousness of God, our soul… Love FOR GOD IS THE LOVE FOR SELF, LOVING OUR NIEGHBOUR AS THYSELF IS LOVING GOD..
    We are nothing but seeds, sprouted as everything made That God Made.
    (SEED OF LIFE) The Gland in the middle of our brain IS THE VERY SEED OF LIFE, God's breath of life is the water he birthed into us nurchering the seed, a mist per say.
    Causing the heart to beat as the human soul becomes a plant of living being for God, given free will, as the spirit within.
    As a tree rooted in the ground as the world passes by no matter the storm stands firm on the doctrine of life, so shall man stand firm on the word of GOD, I walked away from, out of and into so many things knowing no matter what I was doing I was seeking God's face in it. Drug addicts, alcoholics and other people the world & church has rejected that I've met on this path of purging my mind.
    I've kept my integrity spite it all, I have not moved from my Faith In My SAVIOR .
    I had a lady who friend requested my fb and she just said to me out of the blue,
    "Thank you for saving her life"
    I was in jail as Paul and she told me, it was what I taught her boyfriend about God that saved her life. She and he had a herion over dose in the church they was attending.
    That's when they saw things that I had spoken and taught her boyfriend in jail come to real life for them.
    I Am a servant of My Lord and hated because of it.
    Because they hated him first.
    If you believe the up hill climb is hard, try doing it with the sin (WT) of the world is the size of your cross…
    My cross or walk will never fill God's shoes or burden.
    I except my path with praise and honor, glory be to God HE HIMSELF HAND PICKED ME TO PULL OUT OF MANS NEW CHURCH KEEPING ME FOUNDED IN TRUTH FOR 20 + YRS.
    The best part to look back on and brings joy to my heart is actually the purging.
    If I start speaking in public, and people came to hear the Truth about who God truly is…. And His return, I would only ask tithing would be food , because feeding the hungry in church is important.
    I wouldn't let a family leave service hungry as alot of them will…..
    God bless, and it's the way you
    Vessel Pastor Tim, Your Words Are Truth.
    Ya got me all fired up… !

  11. I desire to be a child of God he opened my eyes to the truth in 2005 I fell away and for yrs I was in deep depression and 2 yrs ago I believe he moved in my life , literally saved my life from being murdered and changed my life I truly am different then the cold and violent man I was before yet I am so different than I was. I do have a different heart and I long for God and to be righteous in my actions and deeds. Yet I don't feel the Spirit asi did in the moment I first knew Him. I don't have the gifts I use to have. And it scares me that I am deluding myself and that Hebrews 6:4-6 is locked in stone for me. But I love God mu heart yearns for Him amd to be fully righteous

  12. This easy believeism is going to send more people to hell in this country than anything else. I don’t blame the Pastors because this is truly deception of the enemy. The transaction of forgiveness at redemption is not some template prayer that you repeat or pray with another man no matter how eloquent it may be, but this is personal between you and almighty God that indeed loves you. If God convicts your heart of your tress passes that you have committed against him fall to his feet repent and ask for forgiveness call on the wonderful name of Jesus. I pray if you read this comment do not be angry with me but make sure you have a repented heart. Not only have you repented for sinning against a Holy God at Salvation but that you live a life of continued repentance. Don’t count your Salvation my dear friends on a simple prayer that you have prayed once at a service but examine yourself and see if you truly have been born again. I do blame this very thing for the condition of our churches that are filled full of lost. Which Jesus says I will spew the out of my mouth.
    God bless you all my dear friends

  13. That teaching was pretty useless. Wars, rumors of wars, pestilences, etc, all of this happened many times in History. The last days began after the resurrection of Christ.

    What about the first and second world war ? The cold war ? The 1347 black plague ? The religious wars that happened like those of the 16th century in France ? The heresy of the catholic church ? Islam ?

    Humanity has always been decaying, and even more since the begining of the new convenant. We're in the last days since 2000 years ago, it's just getting worse over time.

  14. I have never heard of this pastor or this church, but oh what a profound sermon. Thank YOU GOD for giving the Gifts to the founders of the world wide web, the internet, and social media so that we can access many of YOUR clergymen.

    Because of the aforementioned Gifts, we are not limited to just our own pastors. We can now watch and listen to a plethora of them worldwide. 👏🙌

  15. God has preserved me. The Holy Spirit has been my teacher and guide in the Bible who reveals Jesus Christ and being is in Our Father in Heaven's love; amazing protection this whole time. I have been born again since September 1977.

  16. YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? I HAVE ANSWERS!!–Death and murder increasing! …LAWS are made to protect people and increase or maintain quality of life for humans.. There is a growing REBELLIOUS trend to TRASH laws, including moral ones, as mentioned in the bible. 99% of preachers don't even support ALL 10 commandments, and many don't support even any by their LAWLESS heresy. CRIME & CLERGY CONNECTION = TRICKLE DOWN IMMORALITY.. "When people’s thinking is controlled by the sinful self, they are against God, because they refuse to obey God’s law and really are not even able to obey God’s law." ROMANS 8:7 Society will increasingly SUFFER! The barbarians are coming, the barbarians are coming…!!! The preachers lead the charge!!

  17. To give you idea how close to His return, in the days of Abraham, 9.5 seasons had passed. We have been given 12 seasons. Leaving the last .5 for the great and terrible tribulation. Not long ago, at all, had the changes between seasons come. For when the time fades to bring Him back, it will literally be of Sodom again, like the days of Noah again.

  18. Indeed, sir. As even as the last of the last days. For He is raising up His shepherds to gather unto Him lost sheep, with His ways, not by any way of Mankind. This is one of the last stitch effort, sort of speak, before the tribulation. He giveth me all I know,y heart His dwelling place and in me not just a sanctuary for me, but unto others, thru me, glory be His, a refuge, a resting place and a place to feast. For His He raiseth up, not by man's hands, are raised up upon 10 unmovable pillars that will not be shaken nor distroyed. They seek not from any but for open ears of His unchanging word and way. Many see not, for their hearts are still diluted if not poisoned. This is why they that truly believe but are weak will barely be saved, but the few prescious stones be praised and allowed into His inner Kingdom. For they saught ferverantly, neverending, they kept His laws and prescepts, and His Sabbaths and sabbatoths, His feasts that which He ordained be a sign between Him and His flock. There is a reason, that was not for just once but for all time before His return, of the 7 letters sent to the 7 churches. For many walk in Godliness but denied of His power. Another words are like to pharesse, know the words but not make them into being. Or trust in man and know not, for is why it is written, they that sin, die in sin and they that know not die unknowing, and they that are faithful, die in faithfulness.

  19. God is Not a Liar- These Scriptures Must be Fulfilled before Jesus' Return!
    #1: {ISAIAH 40:4-5 NIV} "All the Valleys will be Filled In, and All the Mountains will be Leveled, and the Whole Earth made Smooth. Then the Whole World will See the Salvation of the Lord." & Repeated in {LUKE 3:5-6}
    As long as there are Mountains and Valleys on Earth, it can not be the Time of Jesus' Return.

    # 2: God Promised us Thousands of more Years from now before "The End Times" when God made an Everlasting Covenant to Give Abraham's Descendants the Land of Canaan as Their Inheritance for a Thousand Generations. {1-CHRONICLES 16:15-18 & PSALMS 105:8-11}

    *{MATTHEW 1:1-17} {The Only New Testament Scriptures that have God's Undeniable Supernatural Signature within it}
    Lists the 42 Generations Born to Abraham until Joseph- Jesus' Step Dad- who had other Sons.
    That was an Average of over 25 Years between Generations.
    At that Continued Rate it would Take over 23,950 Years to Birth the Remaining 958 Generations. Minus the 2022 Years since Christ- Equals:
    Over 20,900 more Years to Birth the remaining Generations before Jesus' Return, and Jesus' Thousand Year Reign on this Earth.
    It would still be Over 6000 Years from now if Children had Children at just 10 Years Average between Generations.
    Since {REVELATIONS 20:4-9} Say God destroys the Earth with sudden Fire shortly after letting the Devil out of his Prison he was in for Jesus' Thousand Year Reign on the Transformed Paradise Earth.
    {ZEPHANIAH 1&2} God tells how He destroys the Earth and All Life from the Earth with Fire. And God Mentions destroying Canaan by Name.}
    {REVELATIONS 21:1-4 & ISAIAH 65:17-25} The Righteous are Given a New Heavens, and a New Earth, with a New Jerusalem- The Bride of Christ. God Lives among us and wipes away all of Our Tears. There is No more Death, Pain, or Sorrow, for the Former Earth has passed away. {REVELATIONS 21:1-4}

    In {MATTHEW 24:29-31} Jesus says the Rapture happens: "Immediately AFTER the Distress of those Days, the Sun will be darkened, and the Moon won't give its Light; and the Stars will fall from the Sky, and the Heavenly Bodies will be shaken.
    Then will Appear the Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven. And all the Peoples of the Earth will mourn when they See the Son of Man coming on the Clouds of Heaven with Power and Great Glory. And Then He will send His Angels with a loud Trumpet Call, and They will gather His Elect from the Four Winds, from One End of the Heavens to the other."
    {MATTHEW 24:40} "Two Men will be in a Field, One will be taken and the other left. Two Women will be grinding with a hand mill, One will be taken and the other left.

    Jesus says: "Truly I Tell You, Whoever Hears My Words and Believes Him Who Sent Me, has Eternal Life, and has Passed from Death to Life, and Will Not be Judged. {JOHN 5:24}
    So, No Believer would be Left Behind at Jesus' Return.
    Unless They are Guilty of Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: The Unforgivable Sin. {LUKE 23:34}
    As Jesus Explained:
    "God will Forgive You all Your Sins if You Forgive Everyone Their Sins against You. But if You do not Forgive Everyone Their Sins against You, then God won't Forgive You Your Sins." {MATTHEW 6:14-15}
    Because as Jesus hung Tortured on a Cross, He Asked God: "Father Forgive Them for They Know Not What They are Doing." {LUKE 23:34}
    Jesus said those that are Forgiven Much will Love Him More than Those that are Forgiven little. {LUKE 7:47}

    Yet as {JAMES 2:14-26 } says: "Faith without Works is Dead." & "Even the Demons Believe in Jesus and shudder with Fear."
    So what will be the Test of Real Faith in Jesus and the Father?

    Jesus Explains in {MATTHEW 25:31-46}
    Jesus says at the Final Judgment the Angels will bring All the People who Lived and place them before Jesus. And Jesus' will divide the People into Two Groups, and Only Two.

    The Righteous Jesus puts on His Right Side, the Unrighteous Jesus puts on His' Left Side.

    Jesus says to the Righteous on Jesus' Right Side: "Come You that are Blessed by my Father and receive the Inheritance that was created for You since the creation of the World. For when I was Hungry You gave me Something to Eat. I was Thirsty You gave me something to Drink, I was a Stranger and You Invited me in. I was Sick and You cared for me. I was Naked and You Clothed me. I was in Prison and You Visited me."

    Then He went on to explain that whenever They had done an act of kindness to the People in need in Their Lives They had done it for Him.

    But those on Jesus' Left Side had never done any unselfish act of Kindness, so they were to be Punished with the Devil and his Selfish Children.

    Yet Jesus Said that He did not come for the Righteous, He came to Seek and Save the Lost. {MARK 2:17 & LUKE 5:32}
    Like the Good Shepherd that Leaves the 99 Sheep to find the One Lost Lamb, Jesus will come to Seek and Save each and Every Lost one. For it is the Will of the Lord that None should Perish. {MATTHEW 18:12}}

    As is Promised in {LAMENTATIONS 3:31-32} "No One is cast off from the Lord Forever. Though He brings Grief, He will have Compassion, for so Great is His Unfailing Love."

    And: "Everyone who Calls on the Name of the Lord will be Saved!" {JOEL 2:32}
    Therefore so No One could Deny what the Name of the Lord is-
    God Encoded JESUS IS MY NAME at Equal 20 Letter Spaces from First Letter to Last Letter within the Hebrew Scripture. [ISAIAH 53:10]
    "It was the Will of the Lord to Crush Him and Cause Him to Suffer and though the Lord makes His Life an Offering for Sin He will see His Offspring and prolong His Days and the Will of the Lord will Prosper in His Hands."
    Over 700 Years before Jesus Fulfilled it.

    *See THE SIGNATURE OF GOD Book by Grant Jefferies about the Undeniable Supernatural Evidence that God Inspired the Hebrew Old Testament Scriptures and the New Testament Book: MATTHEW Letter by Letter, to Undeniably Prove that Jesus is as His Prophetic Name means: God With Us. {MATTHEW 1:23}


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