VERY early in my ministry I used to do a lot of youth camps for churches. And after giving three or four messages during a weekend, I would have one moment at the end of my final message when I would ask “How many of you are willing to die for Christ if He asks you to do that? If you would die for Him, stand up.” And some of the teenagers would stand. Others sat in grief because they weren’t ready and they knew it. I was driving home from one such meeting when the Lord challenged my heart. He said “Peter would have stood!” I knew exactly what He meant and I never had anyone do that again. Peter would have stood, but his standing would have been meaningless because when the chips were down, Peter wasn’t ready. Yet years later Peter died on a cross upside down because he said “I’m not worthy to die like my Lord died.” The Lord isn’t asking you to make that decision right now. And if He ever does that and you’re a Christian, you will be ready. Join me and I’ll share this chapter with you. -Ray

Ray Mossholder:




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