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  1. 5:00, talking about the dead. Yesus told the repented sinner, today you will be with me in paradise.
    I remember the story about billeam and his talking donkey. In there also a story summoning Moses (soul). Moses Angryly said, why summoning me? I have no business here. I presumed, that means he already happy in Heaven.
    Also in Esther, her dead uncle is in Heaven.

  2. " and the Dragon was wroth with the WOMAN"- thats in Revelation
    …it explains WHY, this Dragon was WROTH.
    But first wroth is a very very emphatic adjective, so its important. So now, open the bible and see WHY.
    Answer: Because the WOMAN kept the …..( dromroll)


  3. Why is it so few you tube pastors who tell all that the only way to come to heaven are to bee bourn again in the spirrit I think its beacause they havent learned any thing by walking whit Jesus where are they whovtok their crosses and fallowed they are few and the bible alone cant make any come to heaven your thung alone cant make you go to heaven the akt and the little good you do for others make you go to heaven it havent beeing the big callings he like since it reminder him about the farresyes he dont want braging he want pur love I know Jesus werry well he i werry pleaced whit my correct of others we want be fame ore important we live for him on us and doing his will Amen

  4. WHO THESE LEADER you’re talking about because you don’t know some pastors did right thing and you can’t for sure if they’re goats because they’re not following sabbath day but don’t you know that SUNDAY IS STILL part of sabbath because God rested on 7th day then we’re suppose to keep holy 6th day which means Sunday is part of sabbath day

  5. I love your teachings, so deep. One day I listened to your video, about laying hands and some prophets. Immediately I had a dream, that explained it again to me more deeper. In this dream, I saw preachers using the name of a popular man, physically known as a prophet, to attract believers or worshippers. I came out and started preaching in the dream, telling them that God is not accepting the blood of goats people offer to Him anymore, that the only sacrifice God accepts is the blood of Jesus, the one who came and died for us.

  6. I've struggled with whether we're still commanded to keep the 10 commandments, mainly regarding the Sabbath day. If we still must keep the 10 commandments, dose that also mean we're still supposed to keep to certain food & fabric standards?


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