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  1. So if a lion calls it's child a cub, does that mean that the child is a bear cub or a lion cub? If a meercat calls it's child a pup, does that mean that the child is a wolf pup or a meercat pup? If a human calls it's child a kid, does that mean that the child is a human kid or a goat kid? You don't make any logical or theological sense by making these false conclusions.

  2. I grew up in a God fearing home . My dad was a Pentacostal Pastor until he split when I was 7 years old. Man could he preach! He knows the Bible and is very charismatic! I am in my 40’s and just now learning things about Gods Word that directly conflicts what I’ve been taught about certain highly important details. I find it amazing! And am so grateful for Truth!

  3. It is sad, itbis written that hell is already existing…And Jesus also described hell…And there are verses that prove that there is already hell…That is the problem now what I dis agree with you…

  4. I put my false bible on the pin Thnxs to my grandpa who’s a Jehovah god Witness and also believes in Jehovah god and Jesus Christ I also have the bible that my grandpa gave me

  5. I got one question for you, is it really true that there are three places that you could go to when one person die? Heaven, hell and a third place that's something of an limbo where people (souls?) wait for their judgement? Because that's what I read in the book of Enoch.

  6. I was following you and you made sense. After you said those who worship on Sunday are goats, I realized you were not right. God knows all and knows the heart. You are just judging. We are not under law anymore but grace.

  7. In Danish (my country) a "kid" is the name of a newborn goat. We pronounce it in Danish [key+d] NOT A LIE. TRY GOOGLE IT.. BUT.. I am not Christian. I believe in infinete awareness, like DAVID ICKE's theories. I am northern & believe my afterlife is w. fallen honorful northern Men In VALHALLA.. No disrespect to other beliefs..

  8. I was listening but I quit listening to this message because you talk about people going to church on Sunday that they are the goats making yourself confusing because it means you are a half Bible reader or either making yourself to be righteous than the word of Godl which stated in Colossians 2:16 that we should not judge again anything on anyone concerning the Sabbath day PERIOD. Go and read more and stop being a Pharisee.

  9. The Lord want us to get back under the law of his Commandments and his ordinance. . He is Mercy and Grace forever.. Sin, pagan gods, Idol worshippers ,Selling humans and blood sacrifices for money us into slavery worshipping .Esau Babylon worshippers.. a lot of things people do not know. Especially the new generation because of this wicked music. . Most of the music is about killing. How much money can a get. Who they're going to shoot. This is how black people got tricked into Hollywood satanic Covenant to kill their own people. That's what's going on time to repent. Wicked plot to put people back into slavery. Now that Hollywood has made a fool out of the Hebrews and others to provoked God with anger. Hellywood use people for blood sacrifices. but their dreams take all their money back and still kill you..
    Let us repent and humble ourself and cry out unto Our God. 2nd Chronicles 7:14. We come to grace of our Lord to obtain mercy of God and our Lord and Savior Jesus. who died for our sins and God raised him up on the third day with all power over the heavens and the Earth whosoever shall believe in him shall not die but have everlasting life.

  10. Brother i agree with some of the stuff you said, but Satan is definitely not in hell and he is not in charge of hell. The Lord Jesus Christ defeated Satan and took back the keys to death & Hell! Jesus Christ is in charge of hell he has the keys to open the door for those who die without him. Satan's throne is in the 2nd heaven above the earth.

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