Arizona took down TCU in a thrilling matchup ending in overtime. The Wildcats took the second round win 85-80, behind a combined 58 points from Christian Koloko and Bennedict Mathurin. Watch the extended highlights here.

Watch the Condensed Game from Arizona Wildcats vs. TCU Horned Frogs, 03/20/2022
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  1. Ahhhh, thank you Houston! Seeing these dbag Arizona players win with no class, as they did all season, makes seeing Houston beating them pretty special. Some teams don't deserve to be champions, Arizona was #1 on that list. As for this game in particular, it's a shame the Arizona players after the buzzer ruined what was one of the best tournament games in recent memory.

  2. people need to stop taking away from how amazing this game was by talking about refs. calls were missed all game, on both sides, and both teams played with HEART. big respect to BOTH teams. and do yourselves a favor, REPLAY THE END OF REGULATION ON 0.25 SPEED. you will see… miles pushes off for space (justified no call), then gets trapped along half court, and FLOPS back without being touched. no call was the RIGHT call. it was a physical game.

  3. no point watching the tournament anymore if the refs are going to favor arizona like this,that was a foul at the end and no call, that would have given tcu the win,if the refs favor arizona like this we all know who is going to win the tournament, i didnt even watch the overtime of this game because after seeing that no call i knew exaclty who was going to win

  4. Arizona took down TCU? Really? Who ever wrote that please shut up. How about AZ got lucky with 12 seconds to go and hit a crazy 3 pointer to tie it up.

  5. This is why they cant be playin some of the best possible games late on nights that many ppl either go to school or work the next morning. So many ppl missed out on a truly great game

  6. Would be cool to schedule some home and away non-conference games with them for the next several years!!..TCU is well coached, and I'm sure we'll have some great battles in the future!!

  7. 10:28 look how high that trap defense was. Imagine there was a pass at the middle then they pass it to Lampkin who’s WIDE OPEN at the block.

    That’s a risky defensive scheme by Arizona but it worked somehow


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