Flat Earth, Curvature, Rowbotham, Galileo, Scientism, Zeteticism, Copernican Principle, As Above So Below, Occultism, Geometric planes, pseudoscience, history, Cosmology…..

Don’t feel like typing any more than that at the moment. 😉




  1. Really makes perfect sense.

    As above so below = On earth as it is in Heaven?

    With the. Kabbalistic, Capernaum, Carl Sagan, infinitely expansive, anything is possible universe type “heaven” – then literal moral ambiguity loosely tied to a humanistic construct of the awe of the observer over the beauty of the chaos – would make perfect sense if one looks around at what it is that we gravitate towards. – > how awesome we are and our capacity to “understand and conquer” the natural and , well somehow through osmosis, “ understand and conquer” the invisible realm.

  2. Great videos man. Only thing I will say in defense of my roman catholic brethren: the vatican is corrupt, but the liturgy cannot be corrupted. I am Orthodox and can see how the devil has infiltrated the church, I still go to liturgy because there is no corrupting of Christianity just the corruption of clergy aka man.

  3. So awesome bro, thank you for this video. I'm still trying to convince my wife and she keeps trying to debunk me regarding curvature. Supposedly, metabunk says we're not using the correct equation to measure curvature. Can anyone tell me who has looked into this what they are trying to do?

  4. Awesome as usual….. You just never get boring, y'know? Sometimes I wish you would so maybe I could pry myself away from your videos!!! ( I have always had an obsessive personality, but this is ridiculous!!) But seriously, you are right on the money about uh, taking a look around with our own eyes and own senses and see what we come up with! Forget this curvature crap!!! Quite frankly, its getting on my nerves! I have had more than a few people tell me that they have seen the curvature (bull****!!) Gee, that's funny, because I sure as heck haven't!!!! And I have been on a plane several times, I have been on top floor of the world trade center way back in 1983, been on top level of CN tower, been high up on mountaintops and I never, ever have seen the curvature! I daresay they are hallucinating! I just wish they would refrain from saying that crap near me! (Shut up already!!) Anyway, this was great! God bless!


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