As in the Days of Noah: Warnings for Today by Chris Moen

Jesus Christ said that end-time events would be like those during the time of Noah. What were those conditions like, and why should we be concerned?

Discussing the time near His return to earth, Jesus declared, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all” (Luke 17:26-27).

It appears people thought they were living normal lives during the time Noah lived, just before the Flood. They were oblivious to the impending disaster. So what was Jesus talking about? Read full article:

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  1. I humbly apologize daily for all I’ve done and still will never be able to take on half of my woes even with this empathetic heart I’ve been gifted. I can see that it could feel a curse, but then I see the amount my Father holds and realize the gift of knowledge without ultimate experience that we’ve so graciously been given here.
    I am nothing and everything, all because He loves me.

    Thank you for sharing.

    God bless you.

  2. Come out of her, meaning thy earthy ways. REPENT OF YOUR SINS AND WICKED WAYS OF THIS EARTH. Ask Jesus forgiveness of your sins then OPEN the BIBLE read his WORD. I'M PRAYING FOR THE LOST, MAY THE HOLY SPIRIT OPEN YOUR EYE'S AND HEART'S IN JESUS NAME, AMEN

  3. Could someone please tell me who the man's voice from the bible verses? I know he's well known for it but I don't know where to find the e-book bible with his voice? Thanks and God bless you all. Great video brother.

  4. “God gives men the opportunity to rebel.”…..No my friend we were conceived in sin and didn’t need an ‘opportunity’ to rebel. We rebelled because it’s in our nature and we LIKED IT. The Bible is explicit when it comes to this…which makes The Gospel all the sweeter. This is important to understand and I say this out of love. The only time God gave us an opportunity to rebel was in the garden and after that fateful day the curse was upon us.

  5. HALLELUJAH!!! I understand it to be what you allow into your spirit which can manifest inside you if you are not SEALED In Christ Jesus… I now after many failed relationships realized that you must marry someone who is SEALED in Christ as well… I kept being with men who were who were not of God… I too was vile and unclean until the Lord came and SAVED me… PRAISE GOD!!! Thank you, Brother… May the Lord continue to keep and bless You and Your Family… #JESUSISCOMINGBACK💞👂🎺

  6. Impressive insight. Before God opened my eyes this would’ve been Greek. End time puzzle shows the deceptive power of satan, the father of lies. God is merciful… man desires rebellion. Read the Bible, pray continually or you will stray.

  7. What think ye, do you consider it possible that an incubus could impregnate a woman? I have read reports where women have testified of having sex with a spirit; however, I have never heard of anyone becoming pregnate of this experience.

    There is nothing wrong with hypothesising just exactly who the sons of God were. I think one is way too far over their head when they preach their theories as though it were the gospel truth. It could even spell trouble, like the type that evolutionist are in for believing a theory as if it were an axiom. You have no proof that spirits can impregante flesh. If God be Spirit then these sons of God, angels, would be spirits also…

  8. Shaking My Head Productions.. are you a Muslim and/ or do you stand for Muslims and Christians denying their prospective views on the Diety if CHRIST and "uniting".
    … into "one faith" or do you prefer the Christian people be converted into Islam? Answer this question within 48 hours or I shall unsubscribe. It's a simple question, with a yes or no answer, are you a Muslim?

  9. Had Adam and Eve never disobeyed they would still be here today… and their Perfect offspring would have filled the Earth 🌏 as Yahweh had always purposed…. Psalms 37v10+11… This everlasting purpose will be fulfilled Rev21v3+4 …Yahweh Created the Earth to be inhabited Isaiah 45v18..

  10. PLEASE tell me who's voice is reading the scriptures orally? Can u give me a link please! When I listen to scriptures, listening to someone's voice is soothing or irritating! This voice is soothing and serious! Loving it! Great video!!! Praise the Lord 🙌!


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