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  1. I wouldn't be so quick to criticize large organizations like World Vision as I am sure they have done the best with what they have. I have donated to World Vision and my father-in-law worked for World Vision for many years and he gave of himself relentlessly. I understand what you are saying yet I would not be so critical of these large organizations. Much of the money given is stolen before it has a chance to get to the source. Thank you sir

  2. You have done a lot to defend the Word of God. His Holy Word has to be preached and evil needs to be exposed. Thank you so much and may God our Father protect you always and continue to bless you.

  3. $$ I have a question? I have heard different, does God come and get his people before the trials and tribulations? and if so, the people that r left behind. do they have a chance to repent or if they r killed for CHrist will they go to heaven? I also have more questions. Do u have facebook or twitter. My husband and i both have questions. thank you

  4. I know that you are doing good, but Christ founded the Catholic Church outside there is no salvation! He told his Apostles these things at the end of days! "You must have a love of the Truth!" St. Pius the Xll was the last true Pope – that is what Christ told me in first grade in the Chapel at
    School of The Holy Child Jesus in first grade! please contact me at
    God Speed! Karen.

  5. You can also follow Chris on Periscope @4runner777 where he does a lot of live streaming. He was in Panama last week spreading the gospel truth! Let us pray and support this brother, his ministry, his family, and ministries like these!

  6. For anyone out there who would like to do the work but not sure where to start my wife and I pay $200.00 a year to print our own pamphlets posting in the mailbox the message of the gospel once a day each week we do from 100 house to 300 houses, and this is the scripture you need to remember…..scripture from Paul…

    1 Corinthians 3:6 KJV
    [6] I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

    So far we have posted just under 9000 houses, make sure before Jesus returns you have good deeds worthy of repentence.

  7. I never been married I allways wanted be….as the world ends I would be beating my meat more how could it be a sin when one man killed 3 women he was dating……selfish….guess I'm about to beat my meat.

  8. Do not 'sell' your Only Shepherd Jesus Christ to denominations !! Keep your heart in purity and sincerity of Faith for He payed The Price for Our Eternity – serve Him for He is 'The Gate ' – no religion no denominations they have other gates that lead to different kind of Eternity !!

  9. Please do brother Emmanuel do give a living testimony it will bring people to the lord Jesus Christ by you're testimony is telling them what you and your family went through and how you were saved… What Jesus did for you he can do for others so they can believe Jesus Christ is real he's coming.. This testimony could win a soul for our Savior Jesus Christ Amen God bless you all in Jesus name Amen 🕊️

  10. Emmanuel , I cannot support that guy, he has an arrogant attitude and it looks like he is just trying to grow a ministry to make himself rich or make an easy living for himself, I hope I'm wrong, did you even consult Jesus before you decided to support him?. Right now I'm doing well to take care of my own affairs.
    I was also going to tell you , the bible was commissioned by Constantine emperor of Rome and were written to his specifications, there are things in it that anyone with half a lick of sense can see that they are false, here is an easy one for instance the statement that God said " if you reject knowledge , I will reject you" when you should know without any doubt that there is knowledge that God does not want you to have, such as how to practice witchcraft and many other things. The bible was written as a political tool and to confuse and mislead people. Jesus Christ is the only word of God and you should pay attention only to his voice and what he tells you to do not to some writing that can be forged and manipulated. You should have Jesus living in your soul therefore the word of God should be living in your soul as well, if you belong to him. Jesus loves you , you guys take care.

  11. I would love to hear your experience, what country are you from? What is your opinion about refugees, such as are invading our southern border? should we embrace them or as Mr. Trump says keep them out by all means, except through legal immigration?


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