Study Bibles are expensive, but they can be a super useful and engaging way to work on understanding the Bible better. This video is meant to help you get the right one.

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On January 2 we’re starting a new series on The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast where we go through the entire Bible, one book per day, until we’re done. I’d be honored if you’d make that a part of your new year. Here’s a link:



  1. OMG….There are as many…" which translations….as there are " modern.." bibles…& just as confusing…hey all you Greek geek guru wannabes do a word study on 1Cor.14:33 & 1Cor.5:6-8….in English…if it isn't toooooo much trouble….why???? bc Acts 2:6-8 has never been rescinded by…..God… the AV/KJV….Which is the ONLY English Bible that's inspired by God….why…bc it's the best Reflection of the Original Autographs/Mss…in English…today….but you morons don't believe that or ya wouldn't be in the mess ya in….trying to take tar off one hand w/ the other…

  2. How do you feel about digital Bibles such as Logos? I have a TON of things available with the packages I've bought, but I find at times it's almost information overload and analysis paralysis.

  3. You and I could have the nerdiest conversation ever! 😂 Love your videos! I absolutely appreciate how open minded you are in that you listen to all sides and thoughts on the Bible, all while being respectful even when you disagree. It’s refreshing!

  4. I want more than anything a Bible with the understandability of the Easy to Read Version (ERV) but with the accuracy of the highest suggested translations.

    The ERV has become my go-to because it’s the only translation that my brain can parse.

  5. I really appreciate your rating system!
    Do you have a book you recommend that explains the same type of Cultural information of Bible times that isn't the Culteral Study Bible? My ADHD has trouble with all the info happening in study bibles. 😢

  6. Matt – Thank you so much for what you do. I have devoured much of your YouTube content and have been steadily working my way through the back catalogue of TMBH podcast. My bible study has never been so focused, and you are an amazing teacher! Last year, I purchased the giant ESV Study Bible after watching your previous study bible video and I love it!!!! It was exactly what I needed at that point in time, and it has become my go-to bible…. BUT….as you point out, it is massive and not the easiest thing to carry around. I am wanting a 100% digital study bible. One that lives on my tablet/phone that I always have with me no matter where I am…..but that also has the same heavy nudge as my big and bulky ESV Study Bible. The ability to highlight and add my own notes would also be helpful, but not a deal killer. I know there is the Tindale bible you review in this video with the app driven notes, but I want a completely app-driven, heavy-nudge, study bible….no paper. Does such a thing exist? I have looked at several online and app driven bibles…but none I have found seem to have the level of study notes that I am seeking. Hoping you can help. Thank you in advance.

  7. Psssttt: buy the kindle version if you're worried about the travel capabilities. I know not all study bibles are on a digital format but plenty are. Love these videos. 💜

  8. Great video!

    Anyone know of a letter-sized (8.5" x 11") Bible in normal print (not large print)? Would be great to have a thinner Bible in the size of my note taking material. Not sure why it's so hard to find.

  9. This was a great episode! I’ve been a Bible reader for 50+ years. Actually there are another couple of categories. One is the readability of the text size. Older eyes need a clear type, sans serif, with some white space for notes. Another category you briefly touched on is the feel of the Bible in your hand. I actually prefer a hard binding.

  10. My first bible, the one I fell in love with and keep coming back to is the NKJV 'Know the Word' Study Bible that was given to me as a gift. It was easy for me to understand and get the message even not having a regular church or christians in my life to help me. I have since then dipped my toes into other ones but I really still go back to the NKJV on a regular basis. In fact, I may need a new one soon because it's wearing down.

  11. New follower of Christ here, and I must say you have really helped guide me towards Christ, thank you. I am curious what study bibke would you recommend for a new follower of Christ?

  12. Matt Whitman calls the Bible stupid on video. Took an L with that one lol, I think when the books are opened at judgment that little oopsie is going in the negative column for brother Matt

  13. The six questions:

    1. Purpose: application emphasis or academic emphasis

    2. Nudge: spells it out or nudges toward discovery

    3. Targeting: general audiences or heavily targeted

    4. Portability: big or nimble

    5. Topicality: topical notes or broad use notes

    6. Disclosed bias: personality/theology driven or neutral read

  14. Can't wait for Matt to create an application that takes in all my preferences and spits out the study Bible that aligns the most to it. Cool. Preferably before Christmas.

  15. Thanks Matt, a useful review of the range of study Bibles. There are other criteria: how comprehensive are the concordance, lexicon, maps, timeline, etc. Also don't forget your global audience – it's English, Matt, but not as we know it.


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