An ASMR Fantasy Witch can do countless things: cast spells, concoct love potions, heal wounds, fly on broomsticks across space & time, make two people fall in love, predict the future, find water (water witching), create a relaxing ambience, clear negative energy, remove toxic people & cure insomnia sleeplessness & anxiety. An ASMR Fantasy Witch knows that the best magic is performed in the Dreamscapes, in your sleep, in lucid dreams. An ASMR Fantasy Witch has fully harnessed the power of dreams & uses those magic powers of prophetic dreams & dream telepathy (e.g., the movie Inception) to cast spells & influence future events. You have been lucid dreaming w/ The Alliance of Lucid Dreamers for years now & have been honing your magic powers of lucid dreaming, dream telepathy, oneiromancy & prophetic dreaming. Your magic lucid dream & dream telepathy skills have recently soared to new heights. So, when you heard that the Alliance of Dreamers is searching for a new dreamer to fill the role of Supreme Dreamer, you answered the call. Tonight, Prophetic Telepathic Lucid Dreamer, the ASMR Fantasy Witch examines you, assessing your prophetic dreams for accuracy & examining you to determine if your dream telepathy (Inception ~) skills are a cut above the rest. You have been assigned a very special lucid dream mission: Access the dreams of the most powerful person in the world & report back to The Lucid Dreaming Alliance on what kind of magic potions or plans they are concocting in their sleep. Your dream work practice has been intensive & you’ve kept your Prophetic Dream Log up-to-date, so you just might be in the running for the title of Supreme Dreamer. Be warned: Your ASMR Fantasy Witch (your Prophetic Dream Exam Proctor) is exhausted from a long sleepless night of exams & is baseline a little batty, so don’t expect your exam to go off without a few glitches. But, there will be plenty of lofi ASMR triggers (jewelry ASMR, fabric sounds, steam sounds, writing, a crackling fire & tapping) to help you manage the chaotic, labyrinth style of the ASMR witch who administers your exam. What will really intrigue you is the “true crime” conspiracy theory that evolves (thanks to your dream telepathy work) & that sets you on course for your new mission. A mission that just might put you in league not just with this underground secret sect but also with Russell Brand’s Revelation to raise human consciousness to concoct elixirs to the magic potions cooked up by the powerful elites.

TLDR = ASMR Fantasy Witch of the Alliance of Lucid Dreamers examines you to see if you are the next Supreme Dreamer : a prophetic lucid dreamer with immense dream telepathy powers.

The ASMR Fantasy Witch accent is posh American, inspired by Madonna in her Guy Ritchie England dressage phase.

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Image Credit
The Throne Room at Château de Fontainebleau by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (CC BY 2.0)

Time Codes
00:00 Entering the Chamber of Lucid Dreamers (The Dream Drey)
00:17 Meeting Your Prophetic Dream Proctor
02:07 Beginning Your Supreme Dreamer Exam
03:24 Eye Cleaning (Cleaning Your Portals of Perception
04:00 Assessing Your Prophetic Accuracy
14:21 Your Dream Telepathy Task
26:21 Your Prophetic Dreamer Results
28:32 Your New Mission
31:16 Relaxing Sounds for Entering the DreamScapes

InnerSPaceways Incorporated (ISP Inc.) is (in a sense) a lucid dreaming collective dedicated to life’s big questions.



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