On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we were joined by Nicole Scheidl, Executive Director of Canadian Physicians for Life, to discuss the story of a veteran being offered assisted suicide by a Veterans Affairs worker while seeking treatment for PTSD.

Speaking about the Canadian veteran’s interaction with the Veterans Affairs worker, Nicole stated, “this was not his asking. He told the service agent to stop promoting assisted suicide to him. But apparently, she went on several times to encourage him to take that route instead of trying to get help for his PTSD. And it did set him back several months in his recovery.”

As stated by Ezra, “that acronym I’m seeing more and more, M.A.I.D, which stands for, if I’m not mistaken, medical assistance in dying. It’s such a gross euphemism. They just can’t say euthanasia…they’re trying to make it meaningless and harmless…either way it hides the true nature of what they’re doing.”

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