As the US plummets into chaos officials plan for even greater chaos
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  1. Dark Spiritual Forces … is this what the UN meant when they said they will unleash evil on to their streets? It doesn’t seem like helping black lives because they are the ones dying and getting badly hurt. Wake up all. Choose light not darkness. Don’t let Satan win.

  2. If asteroids were real they would not spend billions putting space weapons, 5G satellites and Spence fence weapons into ‘space’. God is in 100% control and nothing happens without His knowledge!

  3. There's plenty of video evidence of unknown objects in our heavens now. Us Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, Hercolobus Nemesis, etc. believers were wrong on many details, dates, mistaking lens flare for objects, etc. but the fact that something is coming or is already here remains valid. I believe whatever that something is, that's what's hurling asteroids at us and causing the increased earthquakes, freak storms, magnetosphere anomalies, etc.
    The controllers definitely use their weapons too though. Such harrowing times, God's grace be with us all 🙏

  4. Yes. They put Trump in to stall the angry civilian population into waiting, without exploding, till they could maneuver the citizens into killing each other and then introduce the killer vaccine!

  5. It’s all lining up. The 2017 and 2024 solar eclipses over America (7 years apart), will make a huge “X” over the new Madrid fault line. The nations divided, wouldn’t be surprised to see it physically divided as well. Also it will have been 400 years in November since the Mayflower compact was signed (11/11), declaring the advancement of the Christian faith to this land. 400 and 40 are numbers of judgement in Scripture. The Canaanites were given 400 years to repent of their wickedness before God brought judgement on them. Not to mention that we’re in the 40th Jubilee year since Jesus walked the earth. It just so happens this November to be the election. (In 2020: 20+20=40) The last “Trump”? (At trumps last term?). Also the feast of trumpets is in September. Just something to think about.
    Only God knows!

    The “Gates” of hell will not prevail against the church!

  6. I know the true meaning of spirituality it's not understood buy many people what's climate change also mean change into people you must understand that Spirit of Justice and righteousness is Among Us and the Destroyers of the planet will pay and so will his children

  7. Turning them one against another. Same thing The Most High did to the giants. To the people building the tower of Babel. Nothing new under the sun. Two running down the street, one taken, the other left. Nothing new under the sun.

  8. From an FE perspective, 1) space is inside the firmament 2) space is liquid, our layers are sepparated by density, like the rivers and lakes under the ocean 3) satellites would be floating in the same substance that the stars ( Heavenly Watcher) Wondering Stars, Sun and moon, float in. Whatever space objects that are headed this way, like Wormwood (planet x) would probably be in prophecy already, like the Star of Bethleham, which interestingly enough appeared again about 5 years ago in the West. So you can think about all the things Bro. Steve has shared and still believe in Biblical Cosmology. Let YHVH be true and every man a liar.

  9. Steve I'm very sorry that people say that about you you and your wife are good decent people thank you for all the news that you have shared worldwide once again Steve I'm very sorry for the comments that people that have idiotic mines say to you

  10. As much as I hate to say it…..but these anarchist won’t be satisfied until they see bloodshed and death (like Soros’s $$$will give them what they want) yeah right!!! Protesters have bitten off more than they can chew NOW!!! They are picking a fight with THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!
    It will get to the place for Americans to say….Damn the elections….we are fighting for our families and for our Constitutional Rights,and our homes and businesses!!!!! Take Antifa out!!

  11. I do not know what people expect to happen to them when they start looting, burning and destroying business , and trying to hurt people . But lawlessness will continue though and its only going to get worse

  12. The trolls are out in full force I don’t know if it’s because people are so board from staying at home or if there’s a concerted unified effort to cause disruptions but in every Christian video group i listen to there has been an inordinate number of people trying to cause dissension and arguments. The people who follow you on a regular basis know what you’ve said and I’ve never heard you claim to be a prophet. I suspect it’s people who get their kicks out of trying to discredit Christians. Brush them off, keep focused and don’t give them the time of day.

  13. its just the senerio the gov as been creating to attempt to disarm the population, the idiots smashing glass to score a tv or iphone wont last very long once real citizens decide to defend their property with real weapons. by the time that crowd gets eliminated federal troops will be rolling.

  14. Jesus said this would all happen! Nations in distress, brother against brother, earthquakes in diverse places, pestilences, it's all happening now!~ Revelation 8 says three objects hit earth!~ Give your life to Jesus, we're running out of time!~ Peace, and God protect us all!~ Amen

  15. Just hit Cat 4 a few minutes ago. That guy who shot others was attacked, hit with a skateboard and even tried to turn himself in. It’s reported that he is only 17 years old.
    This entire thing could have been avoided if the young man shot by police would have just simply turned around, hands up and faced the police. It’s a shame what all is happening.

  16. Seriously Steve! American has been in a race war for the last 400+ years starting with the Native Americans. Then the Africans forced from their country to work as slaves as well as the indentured servants who could escape and pass as free white people, Jews, women's suffrage, and lack of child protection laws. Then the KKK arrives, the peonage laws, then the Thirteenth Amendment bans peonage which is a joke. Then Jim Crow, Redline (segregation) black taxes, Racial Restrictive Covenants, and the list goes on and on! Therefore Satan is no fool he will use the existing history to prompt his agenda. Just think if the history was there he couldn't use it! Thank you racist USA! Oh, I forgot how many of the white churches push that hateful agenda. Steve, do you not think black, brown, mixed-race people and Native Americans are tired of being treated bad just because they were not born white! I know I am tired.

  17. I will never blame the messenger, but I would ask you to rethink sharing information from those sources that may be patently wrong come the end of the year. Otherwise I would question your judgement and probably stop watching this channel.

  18. So helpless to do anything positive – except to PRAY – PRAY for Divine Intervention, for GOD's MERCIES to cover our beloved nation to wash away the anger, the irrational hate, the violence … help us as YOUR Children, as Americans, help us LORD to reach out in YOUR Love & YOUR Peace. Help us all LORD. In JESUS' Name, amen.


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