From a 170 light years away they have surmised its chemical make up, sound unbelievable, well your on the right path.
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  1. Also, because someone does not understand something, does not make it false. "How can they possibly know that" is not the same thing as someone lying. You simply do not understand, and therefor proclaim it false. I, in my turn, proclaim you an idiot.

  2. There just throwing anything at the wall right now to do with space to see what the public believes in. If anything is out there it is the Annunaki Death Star or dwarf sun that's moving in and out around our sun until it comes out from behind the sun which is any ones guess at this point as it's the event date that keeps changing.

  3. 2:02 Spectroscopy, I saw this on an episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Episode 5 Hiding in the light. It talks about Fraunhofer lines and how different elements have different patterns and wavelengths. Distant objects in space can be looked at and that is how they determine its' composition.

  4. Tell me why hasn't the sun burnt it's self out after 100 million years ? No ball of gas burns forever ? Right ? This hole space thing is just one big game for or toy for something we are all trying to understand ? That's right God made us I forgot ? ant no one come up with a new one after all theses years ?

  5. They couldn't answer these questions way back when I was at school and they can't answer them now. The main response was laughter, then blank expression, stuttering, sometimes going off on some odd tangent, and then calling me basically dumb – I say, dumb like a fox!

  6. You are absolutely right Ritchie. N.A.S.A. has been fooling the masses for years. That's their job. I'm still waiting for the great ALIEN INVASION thats supposed to come. Oh my. Big scary monsters that want to kill all humanity. Yeah right! . Bless you . And have a safe trip . I most certainly WILL be purchasing the tent you tested. ☆

  7. The United States recently launched a probe that orbited a comet and then landed a probe. We now know because of that probe in the pictures, the comets are not made of ice and dust, But are very solid like an asteroid. So why do we keep hearing the same old theory Concerning the makeup of comets?

  8. they come out with a bullshit story about discovering something in space every now and again to try to keep up the space lie & keep the people who still think we live on a globe planet brainwashed to get them to continue giving them billions for there fake space programs..we are not on a globe we are in a sealed constructed realm and space and all the things like planets & stars & everything else they tell us that exist within it do not exist…welcome to the meat farm, the artificialy constructed negative energy production facility…..🔒🌐🔒


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