Episode 267: On this show, Flippy wants to hold your hand, a couple of 33 updates, happy birthday UNESCO, drones inspect buildings, human Ouroboros steak isn’t cannibalism, Modi’s turn to announce NWO, no singing during the pandemonic special, masks indoors in PA, Gonz is officially white, AI cough detection by the WEF, then WEF deletes dystopian tweet, BO is a speech police, deep fake concerns for banking, and a Nephilim Update! #Nephilim #Scientism #Food

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  1. The criminal justice system. This system does not work for us, the people, but rather for the criminals. All
    rights are lost for the innocent, and all rights are gained for the guilty. The government favors criminals over the victims. Families work hard each and every day. A portion of their income goes to the government, then a portion of
    that goes to the prisons. Criminals are given food, shelter, medical coverage, clothing, and legal services free of charge. What a tough life. It is as if you are being rewarded for murdering someone. We have to pay taxes to support the criminals I truly believe this is unfair. Meanwhile, the government cannot spare a dime to help subsidize the lost income of the victim. Why do you think there is even a trial? To let all know what has been done and to punish the
    guilty, even though this does not always occur. Why are we bending over backward for the criminals? Do we really need these scumbags on our Earth?  The victims did not have the right to choose life or death, or even to stand up for themselves. Neither should the "pes" who murder our farmers and terrorize our people. You take a life, you give your
    life. These men will not be executed. If given the death penalty, they will slowly and peacefully be put to their deaths, able to prolong their lives by sitting on Death Row. What are we doing to our country? Why are we allowing it to be
    run by criminals?

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