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  1. Could it be a coincidence? Kanye became born-again at the same time that him and Kim Worth it worth $2 billion in lawsuits ? You saw how much money Kris Jenner Has been collecting tax free for many years and her church California community church with her 501 . So Kanye got his 501 and started Sunday service to collect tons of tax free cash 💰 himself .

  2. I have followed u for about a year and a half and not one have I heard any talk about thc. Can u do a talk on cannabis and if it's a sin to smoke it cause now we have it legalized but forget that but was the seed always in the garden I only ask cause I was always told that even my pastor or even if u can just reply back to just me with an answer huge fan keep teaching. God bless

  3. Everything he does blasphemous ! He is renaming himself the “Christian genius” Now he’s is performing at the, Super Bowl which is the ultimate satanic ritual! The weird thing is I actually don’t think he knows what he is doing is wrong also Marylin Manson is a satanist he made everyone in his bad convert to the church of satan I actually complained to a store in a mall years ago it was Christmas and they had the windows covered with a poster of him on a cross promoting his album ! It was crazy people looked at my sister and I like we were crazy! They we’re outraged because we complained!

  4. What you said about kanye exposing beyonce and jay z is exactly what i have been thinking for days. Kanye spoke about exposing those artists and it is no coincidence he broke down straight after he did this. They broke him and programmed him to shut him up, the only way to do so is to change his personality into of course a christian man, why? Because it makes him look good, it makes him believable and masses will follow him and believe him. I am not convinced he is Reborn, if you are a reborn christian you live your old self behind and thats including the music you once loved which is not of God. He is still mixing himself in hollywood. And yes it's true the devil knows the bible so becareful what and who you listen to. God will show you and lead you to the truth and show you the false prophets.

  5. You also need to explain about what " hell " really is , I don't believe about the wicked being burned into the lake of fire , you're always confusing me when you talk about getting burned . I'm not all that religious but I follow all your videos and if indeed you say that your God is the God of mercy why the hell is he going to burn his creation ? If he sees our future ,he new before he created all those artist that they will be against his doctrine ,his the alpha and Omega he knows about the person's life even before he creates them . If they are going to get burnt and he knew that before he created them ,then to my own opinion he really isn't a fair God .

  6. I dislike when some people say "do not judge and you will not be judge". Really! This is not judging it. It about money and selling his album. Kanye is going wrong about this and leading the blind straight to hell with him. The Creator is not in him. I hope he truly turn his life around for real.

  7. Peace be among shoe you have told the truth that's the part I will try to get these people to see you broke it down real smooth he had not repent of his sins he still messing with these demon these demon people different kind of rappers and different kind of demon people he have not confessed his sin he have not changed from the darkness to the light Kanye West is what praising his self he giving his self to glory and what he did he blaspheme against the holy ghost that were he did that with this mind be in the Bible said you would not be forgiven in this world and and even in the generation to come he had blessed friend again he had blaspheme against God. It is the spirit that what he did people don't know they plan B people playing church but you don't play with God like that one thing you do you go out there and play and said you did this and that you play as I hear in the world but when you stop playing with the Messiah God is a spirit and you must Worship in spirit and in truth you blasphemy of the Holy Ghost your name is not going to be reading the book I like you sold yourself to the devil Kanye West song is been sold to the devil Satan himself got that money for real


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