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  1. I tried doing a YouTube Channel for fun. Could never find anyone to help me improve on the quality. So I gave up for a bit. Not sure what I want to do. I do miss it though it was fun. I say this because I admire your creativity on your channel. You do such great videos.

  2. D Trump gave up his crown at the military hospital. He in turn lost his election.

    Matthew 12: 25-27
    25 Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand? 27 And if I drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your sons drive them out? So then, they will be your judges

    From the time Trump took his oath, Jan 20th, 2017, until the day it was announced that he was cured of the kovid, oct 7th, 2020 = 1356 days

    1356 =
    fallen from heaven
    NASB Translation
    which fell down from heaven (1)

  3. beloved brother in Christ Jesus, is this an alarming "rapture alert" or not?:.."CANADA TO PUT PROGRAMMABLE GUILLOTINES IN COVID-19 INTERNMENT CAMPS (url.bel.)& Frank Joseph Daniels:"HEALTH MINISTRY MOVES TO FORCE ISRAELI CITIZENS TO TAKE (DNA altering)COV.VAX"
    ..Austr. governm. passed a bill Nov 26, forcing vax on Australians!! ..& "Brazil trying to force the vax !".. Trump announc."WARP SPEED" plan, Canada plans a network of "concentr. camps" in Can., equipp. with "PROGRAMMABLE HYDROLIC GUILLOTINES, IN SUPPORT OF CANADAS RESPONSE TO COVID-19 !!!"(url bel.)CDC announc. camps for USA, beheading legaliz.under "ICD9 MEDIC.code!"(Medical?Covid?) .. Concentr.camps planned in Nw Zealand for refusers of the(fake!)testing, or of the "untested controv., expirim. Vax"& for a wide variety of other cases! ..of course "total lockdowns" prepare sheeple for "pre-planned DNA ALTERING vax" by "MILITARY"..Trump's:"WARP SPEED"plan UK:"MOON SHOT"plan ..on cam Gates confirmed "Experimental Technology" that permanently alters DNA, (he is the patent owner!)..saying his vaccs. have a purpose to decrease world population, (Georgia Guide Stones?)..Gates also mentioned "a system that tracks the vaccine"..
    Social distancing necessary for sattelites to locate each of us separate! ..The vaccs disregulate immune system, making it hyperactive, causing serious repurcussions …Gates announced "WITH A BIG SMILE"(dupers delight) a new, even more deadly"Covid 21"is coming Dec. 2020!!! ..How can Gates know?..are vaccines used to spread a new virus?.."Windows" made Gates a"pro" in creating a comp.virus&antivirus, right?..
    In a Pfizer trial of the Cov., 25 died of 175 persons ..50% of vaxxed had a "placebo" of the remaining 87 persons, 25 died, that is 30%! ..this, while Pfizer got approval to start vaxing in UK!..will the Almighty Lord allow forced DNA alt.vaccs on innocent kids & devoted children?, there are more than 77 million cases of autism worldw. mainly due to vaccs.."nano bots" can be activated by 5G at any time for specific jobs..a 100% risk of auto immune corruption! least 4 watchers, like Pastor Patrick Winfrey, Suzanna Noel, heard Jesus reveal truth about the vaccs in dreamvisions, Jesus said to one: (that) -the DNA changing Covid vaccs is (also) the Mark Of The Beast -(next to Obama Healthcare RFID chip+quantum dot tattoo ID). Jesus explicitly added that: "One gets a demonic DNA, and will therefore not be redeemable anymore" this mRNA vaccine changes our unique DNA", we can therefore neither be regarded as "human", nor be
    "eligible for salvation, such person's name will be "erased" from the "Lambs Book Of Life"! .. Jesus also called Cov19 "Aweful, Corrupted, Polluted, who takes it becomes void, not to be recognizable by God, and will burn in hell for eternity".. A recent research/study in Israel, on the Covid Vaccs, revealed infertility to males! (depopul.agenda!) ..
    There is an admiss. on vax packing: "HARMFUL OR FATAL FOR HUMANS"!, so no jurisdictive risks for makers!, still the MILITAIRY will not reveal that to the sheeple, our Bibles state, that those who refuse the "mark", face beheading/decapitation(Rev.)..Mainly Christian doctors/scientists came forward with what's in it, to mention a few: "Caucasian Baby Fetal Cells, being "cut out as pieces meat, like the beating hearts" of 5/6 month old living, "heartbreaking loud crying" BABIES!"..leftovers dumped in garbage) (url.bel).. tissue cultivated in mice(THE BEAST), "Mercury", "Luciferase", and the "Darpa Hydro Gel", multiplying nanoparticles, making us "walking antennas" for "5G, activating, and updating" the nano bots !, doctors confirm on cam! .."5G replicates Covid Symptoms"! .. 5G radiation on public, went as first "fullly into effect" in Wuhan!..5G testing in Holland and Germany caused thousands of birds dropping from sky!..5G frequency tests by the militairy years ago, revealed long lists with hundreds of different DESTRUCTIVE effects on HUMANS health !!!
    On: "6 Minutes Sunday" (Propag.& Inform. for BIG PHARMA), the US army Gen. Gus Perna: "The Tiberius vax "tracking" softw. is READY TO EXECUTE!"..a years ago, developed, "Funvax" vacc.ingr. eliminates the working of a "certain part in human brain", concerning our religious awareness (gene erasure).. each of us has an unique DNA code, that is comparable with an "encyclopedia" a scientist/researcher found all alphabetic letters of "all existing ancient languages" in it. .. he found a repeated line in the code, "GOD ETERNAL WITHIN THE BODY".. Scientists also confirm a 1986 discov. of an Israeli Scient/Doct. of the "Weissman Institute", that proves the presence of a "Signature of God's Holy Name Jehovah", in Hebrew, present in our DNA! enlargement of a million times shows presence in the whole "DNA", if we allow our DNA to be changed/meddled with, we remove the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit !.. Our DNA is in fact a "blueprint for life" connected with body functions, growth, reproducing, thoughts and memories! ..trials by Astra Seneca, presented to Pentagon in 2005, of those that had undergone such "DNA change", they confirmed "they felt disconnected from God"..
    one (she) said: "I can't feel God, I feel like I have no soul" (the tone of her voice alone, gives one cold shivers!)..So this Cov.19 mRNA combinant vacc. targets the VMAT2 genes, destroying any connection with God, makers call it "surpressing religious behaviour"..
    such DNA alterations will not only make us CYBORGS, still the patent owner(s) like Gates, will also become the judicial owners of the "CYBORGS as "created" end product"..Dr Fauci said humanity may get it every year, while medic. experts have not been able to ISOLATE the "Covid Pathogen" at all, so there is simply not even any proof of existence! ..any certified medic. expert confirns! .. "then how can they test it?"..The maker of these PCR "process" tests confirmed these were not made for detecting viruses, still for DNA harvesting, the packing states: "SPECTRUM DNA – Innovated DNA Collection Device"!! (like the "nazi IBM HOLLERITH syst. in 2nd World War it registrated Jewish God's people") they are in fact "used for a hidden purpose", that's why healthy people are often tested positive (the fake excuse then, is, that they are "non symptomatic spreaders")..
    Health Min. officer/chief innov. Dr. Eyal Zimmlichman said: "you won't be able TO BUY&SELL, or trade without the vaccine!"(MARK of the Beast Rev13!)
    DR.ROGER HODKINSON, med.specialist "pathology & virology" trained at the Cambr.Univers.UK, former PRESIDENT PATHOLOGY section of MEDICAL ASSOCIATION & active teaching at FACULTY OF MEDICINS, CHAIRMAN OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE of Canada examin. comm. in PATHOLOGY in Ottawa, in his speech to the parliament he was "furiously, full of fire" against the media&politicians who created the "greatest HOAX ever purpetrated on humanity": wearing of TOTALLY USELESS MASKS, the "INSANE" Social Distancing/Lockdowns/business Closures, all with terrible consequences, the TESTING SHOULD STOP! .. The "risk of death" below the age of 65 is 1:300.000, so 3 in a million, confirmed by prov.own statistics! (url.bel.)
    THE WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE, Corona Investig. Comm.took testimony from many int. Scientists & Experts .."THE BIGGEST COURT CASE EVER"
    (url.bel.)🛑Presidents of Ghana, Nigeria, & other Afric. countr. spoke of "repeated pushing attempts" to "being bribed" with Billions of dollars, pushing vacc.of popul.with DNA alter.vaccs (no MSM rep.that!) ..We have authority over our own body!.. this new Cov-19vax(a total NEW TYPE)is never tested acc. "Golden standard".."Double Blinded Placebo Safety Study Checks" at least for 6 years, pref. 10-12 yrs. a crime on humanity!
    Rockefeller&BIG Pharma are behind it ..the relative shorter term &longer term effects of the Covid vaccin are "ALARMING, DESTRUCTIVE, and KEPT SECRET"..Jeremiah 16:19 mentions the word "sorcery" .. while the word PHARMAKEIA means SORCERY !!!
    (copied new "pharmaceutic products" pass the "BP norm" test = BRITISH PHARMAKOPEIA)..(kop=copy) .. the majority of humanity though welcomes the Covid vacc., gets altered DNA, like sheep lead to be slaughtered, like what Jesus said about the days of Noah, .. the world population did also undergo dna altering, due to demonic fallen angels/Nephilim ..Brethren, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, Eternity awaits! .. Hebrew 9:28: "CHRIST was offered once for all time as a sacrifice to take away the sins of many people, HE WILL COME AGAIN, not to deal with our sins, but TO BRING SALVATION FOR ALL WHO ARE EAGERLY WAITING FOR HIM !" order to do so, what percentage of your available time have you spent on "Praising the Lord, Thanking Jesus for what He did for you, praying, reading Bible, EXITINGLY reminding others about what Jesus did for them! .. warn them of vaccs/tribulation, play gospel/praise music ..Is Jesus the first thing popping up in your mind opening your eyes in the morning? MARANATHA!!!!!! JESUS COME !!!!!!!
    🛑German top Lawyer(s) sueing world governm., TOTALLY debunking
    ..🛑 Guillotines in Covid internm. camps Guill. camps.

    🛑DR. ROGER HODKINSON's speech to parliament:
    Organs of living babies for Cov19

  4. Enjoyed the last live stream but I have a very early morning tomorrow so if this is tonight (was a bit confused about when) I won’t be able to join you. God bless. Have a great night. 🙏🏼♥️

  5. Q: Who is Warren Wilhelm Jr. ?
    > Bill de Blasio is an American politician serving as the 109th mayor of New York City since 2014. A member of the Democratic Party, he held the office of New York City Public Advocate from 2010 to 2013. Wikipedia
    ….. “They’re ALL ACTORS”… 🔥


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