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  1. Hmm I was 13 when I was watching the Boob Tube when JFK was assassinated. That changed my whole wprld view. I saw it for what it was. Poppy Bush was there. Ever since then my Eyes have been wide open. So I have a couple of years on you dudes which explains why I;m lacking in computer skills. I hate technology and ha Shatan.

  2. Witnesses at el paso said they saw a group of guys dressed in black with guns in walmart that day..they said it on cnn but they redirected it back to that one guy..who wasnt even wearing the same pants that the guy who entered the store was… it's all bs..not the act itself..the people behind it.
    P.s. infiniti q50 has a new brown color but you have to pay extra for it..super fly though

  3. Facebook is banning us from sharing/liking / commenting on other truthers posts!!
    It’s clear they don’t want the truth to spread
    Facebook is run by evil corrupt pedofiles

  4. The people are still sleeping and have no intention of waking up until something happens to them and they waste there time hireing lawyers that are bar members and doctors are regulated i gave my slave papers back to the system i don't need to be carrying that title after all iam a man and i don't belong to there club and proud of it.

  5. Can't come into the Light, rather got quite comfortable in the cave, watching the shadows on the walls.

    We gotta protect our individual communities. We're gonna get hit, we know and are aware. But we've gotta protect each other in our communities.

  6. Spot on posting gents.

    I'm a bunch older than you two, and look around me and I am truly astonished about how "uninformed" by choice so many people I know are. They are more interested in taking selfies, and showing off their physical assets to friends, as well as total strangers on the internet (self induced personal valueless danger).

    I am also surrounded by people (north of 50) that long ago locked unto a variety of notions about how things work; things which are no longer true. Again, by choice they elect to not accept what is actually going on.

    These behaviors are the foundation for self destruction, which tells me that the bulk of the American populace will be destroyed as a result of electing to remain ignorant, despite nearly everything around them changing. Self induced ignorance = suicide.

  7. The part about peace… Yes! Look at the propaganda given to us about the Russians and the propaganda given to the Russians about Americans. The people were completely lied to about the nature of "the enemy"

  8. Or when you can't get your medication because your DL's are expired and you can't afford to pay the 500 in fees for missing court because you have to work to pay the almost 200 dollars it cost for a seatbelt ticket they gave you cause you took it off at a stoplight to help your child who's crying in the back…So I can't get my medication even though I have a photo Id proving I am me, but I can have the guy behind me in line show them his DL's and they'll give it to me or I can give a total stranger my birth date and they can show their card and pick it up but not me because my card is expired…

  9. My phone has been stolen 28 times in 2 and half yrs bye the powers that be. What's up with that? My wallet has been stolen 4 times in 6 mths. It causes me some inconveniences.


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