A diatribe of sorts.



  1. You said who cares if the earth is flat lol it’s sucks they been messing with u for long time now crazy being targeted invisible things messing with you I’ve been attacked that’s why I put on full armor of God

  2. they aren't trying to open a BLK HOLE, that's BS, what they are Really trying to do, IS, Cause the whole earth the Shake, like it never has before ! so bad, it will turn the MS. river into the gulf of Canada !! Dont for one minute think theyre gonna tell you or I what they are REALLY DOING !

  3. There's thing we can do to stop war. There's plenty of work to be done to wake people up. Whether you believe it or not, flat earth is so far out there to at least get people waking up.

  4. Any government that operates out side of/contrary to it's
    Constitution/Charter can & should be consider & referred to as Illegitimate & dis- functional even criminal & in heart EVIL.
    To give it any degree of legitimacy is to bind your self to it's laws/decrees. Thereby making your self part of the problem and distancing your self from the solution. Maranatha

  5. I somehow became unsubbed to your channel. I just thought that you took a break because your videos haven't been coming up in my feed. Just thought I'd let you know. Anyway, since you mentioned other dimensions, there's ghost tours in my town where tourists pay to visit "haunted sites". What they're actually seeing and catching on film/pictures is demonic activity, not ghosts of the dead. The whole ghost thing is a fallacy. People better wake up to this reality. Take care and God Bless You Brother

  6. Cam Newton was TOLD to throw the game this past Sunday…So pretty boy Floyd could go out in a blaze of glory…There is no way the Panthers couldn't handle the Bronco's…I have no respect for the NFL any longer.  Its all a business for the Illuminati and NWO half time crap…Damn mind control…

  7. Thanks Richie. However, I do want to make a point of why I think flat earth matters. I know you do not feel like it matters but I will try and be brief and succint as I can. In about the 1500's Copernicus and 1 or two others went against Christian and Biblical teachings that had been prevailent up to then. From everything I have researched so far this was the start of the Satanic agenda that was propped up and supported in a myraid of ways by the original forefathers of the current powers that be. Meaning that lies on top of lies on top of lies have now been foised on us for over 500 years. There are numerous Biblical passages that present the flat earth and the dome (firmament above) with the Sun and Moon circling the disk (circle) and equal hights. There are other numerous points to be made but the 'main thing' for me was the facts concerning Antartica and it's off limits status for all civilians of all nations except for a possible brief visit to the coast. And the fact that the GPS system turns off for flights that could disproved the globe earth model. Try finding a flight route that makes sense vis a vis the reservation system in the Southern Hemisphere and how you are re routed, it makes no sense. There are other things, but Admiral Byrd knew and I believe he found the ice wall edge. Why does this matter? If it is true, and I think it is, think of how collosal this lie is. People will start to ask very serious questions about science and government and questions will start to escalate until it reaches movement/revolution status. Across the world quite frankly. CERN, forget about it, that crap is done/toast. People will understand they are trying to release the demons from Sheol/Hell and will shut that shit down in a heartbeat. But I am most hopeful for this country in that it has deep Christian roots and most people today who self identify as agnostic and atheist, most of those folks were Christian at some point. Though a tad may stay hard headed and think the Flat Earth is the new lie, most will come back the their roots. A sense of tribalism amongst the people will become re awakened and NEVER allow lies (especially) of that magnitude to occur again. For myself, I cannot deny that ever since I turned back to Christ, revelations have come to me, and amazing information found. I don't know if I did a good job explaining why this matters, but it for sure does.

  8. Cant help but notice nobody is talking about the shit storm in Syria right now Turkey, Saudi Arabia, ect.. are going to get involved really? All I got to say is people better get right with themselves America has gone to shit and all we talk about is who is right about complete bullshit and watch stupid football really?
    I hope you make a backup and we know what it is.. there is a shit storm and yes we are in it. Keep on pushing when you get resistance means you hit a nerve.

  9. 14 yrs ago people thought i was nuts too but look people are waking up.The human race has been poisoned to put it short & sweet.It takes time,it just does.Look a all the crap happening today.God bless brother Richie,Psalm 91

  10. Wish I could help, but I know jack-doodly-squat about this crap. You are right though, when I try to explain to just about anyone that all the things they think matter are in fact 100% useless, they throw up a 'factual force-field' and go right back to rooting around in a dumpster trying to find better garbage.

  11. it is truly messed up how asleep most people are…hardly ANYBODY is seeking the truth out there..I just smh when I see what's trending..stupid shit..American's have been so dumbed down it' just boggels the mind!!

  12. I think you just need to open a new account and make another channel with a similar name and let it be known i.e make a video announcing it asking ppl to subscribe to the new backup channel. I think I can guess who called you up… Much shilling going around since the new year.

  13. Damn brother. Shit is fucked up. The trending videos list makes me want to throw up. Trying to wake people up is futile anymore, people think I'm crazy. I've given up on that, people can't do a simple google search on anything that I've told them. So you know what. Fuck it.

  14. they took down the most important movie on America ever "grinding America down". was a really good documentary on the left. they took down all the videos if consequence- you are absolutely right! use other names and create other accounts not tied to your name


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