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  1. They've been taught how to praise and worship there's a different anointing for praise a different anointing for worship and you can't change it back and forth it don't work but yeah that's what's going to happen it took me three years to learn how to praise and worship the right way

  2. This is so exciting!! I've been hearing these same things from the Lord and I just can't wait!! … We are those who revelation says… They stand before the throne and sing a new song!! HALLELUJAH!!

  3. I love you, Steve & your whole team! I love Barry too! Someone heard heard him I was listening to him 1 time & wondered l/asked what was wrong with him, his times when Spirit moves him! Some people won't listen to someone who they feel is different, like dear Robin & his prophetic music & looks! I wasn't sure about Kim Clement & Jan Crouch, so asked ABBA FATHER about them 1 night & He showed me their besutiful hearts and I praised HIM & watched them both in tears that night! GLORY HALLELUYAH TO OUR ABBA FATHER!


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