Basket of Fruit is a prophetic dream given by Holy Spirit to Paul Michael Maddock, God’s Anointed Prophet and One of His Two Witnesses, and Holy Spirit explained this dream through Scripture. While the message of this Holy Spirit given dream is directed to the Catholic and Protestant Church hierarchies and their clergies, it is crucially important salvation knowledge for their followers.



  1. Dearest Brothers in MASHIACH [CHRIST],
    I've had many End Time Visions as well as Lucifer and the Fallen Angels and Demons, including Visions of THE LAMB OF GOD, YAHUSHUAH HA MASHIACH. A Blessing indeed; although Scary. The one Vision I can't seem to get out of my heart and mind and body and soul is: The Vision of The Blue Circular Light/Orb with the Initials "M.T". I wrote it down earlier this year, like I do with all of my visions, but then decided recently to delete it. I don't know why I did such a thing! And because I deleted The Blue Light/Orb Vision, my spirit is mourning. Please Confirm with The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, HIS LAMB And HOLY FIRE. Love, Michael Trepanier; a servant of The Most High GOD ALMIGHTY. AMEIN

  2. Hey Rod I have one statement regarding your Gospel of Matthew pt 2 video. You said that in the NT, when it was said that you should honor your father and mother, you perceived it as a man who placed it there to fit their needs and traditions. But one of Jesus' twelve commandments on the mount says to revere your father and mother on earth, and all teachers of righteousness. I was looking to see if you had found out about that error or not. I want to believe you on the Holy Twelve gospel, the C. H; and your research, but if you say you had divine guidance, and yet you made that mistake, who knows what to believe is the truth or not. I'm not trying to attack you verbally, I was just concerned about that. Most importantly, I am concerned for my soul and others out there, and I need to know IF what I'm learning from you through your research is thorough. Peace be with you in Christ Jesus. Amen.


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