This article only hints at the real truth or mission the elites of the world are engaged in, We are not the pinnacle of mankind its quite the opposite.
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  1. Always assume the person who is talking to you is lying and then try to verify facts for yourself. Forget about politicians and scientists lying to us, my mother will still lie to me to eat some food (not meat based only vegetables included what have you) or do something you don't want to do. I am pushing 60 so imagine the ones she got through when I was very young and trusting. Don't know if Richie said this or not but a politician is lying to the public when his mouth is talking on any issue!!!!

  2. Yah I watched that video it actually sucked no new info at all just regurgitating the same shit but I love Steve and Timothy but video was a waist of my time and money
    Semper Fi

  3. You are so right on on all points. I don't believe in evolution and all of the bs that we are being told. Everytime they say something is about to happen, I say I wonder what they're really up to. They do false flag events and slip in a new law that the people would have raised cane about, that's how martial law got slipped in. They distract us with something, then they do some more of their dirty work. The sinister jerks. Pretty soon we're going to lose all of our constitutional rights because they are going to cause something bad to happen and the majority of the people are going to be scared and want protection from the government and that will lead up to the majority agreeing to give up their rights. It's very scary to me. Sincerely.

  4. I have dreamt of these Giants… and where they were located was pretty accurate. Antarctica. I said before that I've see. Giant Pharoahs and giant native Americans and a hairy giant… the list goes on.

  5. No way would any water stay hot enough to melt that ice at such a depth! If youve poured hot water on ice outside your front door, it just cools down so fast it just makes more ice!

  6. I had work a few years ago – travel with a local guy – the guy was huge just huge – bad driving in a full size 4 door because he just took up all the room – anyway he had a definite american indian type mixed ethnicity black straight hair the dark iris and tanned skin color – one day he's laughing and I look up and see the double row of upper teeth – no shit it freaked me out I mean it was a surprise – anyway later I found out "Algonquin" indian lore and the double teeth – well that boy is one of em

  7. When I heard the carbon dioxide causing global warming theory I was like WTF! I used to grow plants indoors, I researched plant carbon dioxide requirements. Depending on the location the carbon dioxide ppm in air can be from 200 ppm (VERY LOW) in rural/farm areas and higher in big cities, most plants thrive around 1200/1500 ppm. There have been studies done that show CO2 ppm drop drastically in rural/farm areas during the day when plants are using CO2. Plants put out oxygen when they use CO2! Plants get bigger faster and are healthier with higher levels of carbon dioxide. The ocean is the biggest consumer of carbon dioxide! I also read a study from NASA, posted on the NASA web site, in summary it said CO2 acts like the earths thermostat, it holds heat in when it's needed and reflects heat when it's to hot, it said CO2 in our atmosphere keeps the earth's atmospheric temps consistent! Yet Bill Gates is trying to convince people CO2 is the cause of global warming, that people's breaths alone cause to much CO2 for the planet to handle, therefore cleaner cars and factories won't be enough we need to exercise population control to lower the CO2 output that we exhale!

  8. Richie giants could not and cannot reproduce any more than mules… they were hybrids…! There are many layers to this deception, I also got fooled thinking giants did reproduce but it is a lie… if you ever manage to get your head around what I mean you'd see a lot clearer!

  9. A lot of things happened in WWII it's like we turned evil. I think our government found proof of a flat earth and used Nazi style propaganda to cover it up. That's what it looks like to me.

  10. 200 angels have been locked up they are to be released the 5th trumpet/1st woe then the world will see we fight not against flesh n blood… the next two trumpets are also supernatural in nature, those who have taken the mark will be harassed.

  11. yes you are correct Richie. on this SABBATH DAY. what comes from the abyss are indeed demons being held. but will be released by THE MOST HIGH. it will be a plague caused by HIM. they creating hybrid cyborgs. what ever they want. it is the bringing in their age of aquarius. the purple mist, the golden dawn. each plague will be a help to those who still worship the TRUE CREATOR>than all. till the coming of MESSIYAH. repent. I pray

  12. I remember as a child many articles in my local newspaper about the giant skeletons found… but no one remembers when I ask… I was fascinated… then I forgot… but now I remember!


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