With all our allies bailing on Merica war machine they will simply do what they have always done. Stage an event



  1. Richie, as usual you are a breath of fresh air,or is this the same old, same old that you keep trying to tell the idiots,but they keep ignoring.I really appreciate your ability to continue to care for those who don't care,but isn't it time for those of us who are awake to organize and muster on without the idiots. No really what are they going to offer other than the chaos and intolerance ? Save yourself first. All survivors know this.Love you Richie,you truth teller you.lolly

  2. I like watching your channel but why do you have this thing about David Icke? Have you read any of his books? Have you seen how he was among the first to lay it all on the line? I say leave him alone. To me he is vetted and is a friend.

  3. Well it's refreshing to hear someone else on YouTube not falling for Alex Jones's sensationalist BULLSHIT just because much of the information he spews is accurate. All disinfo agents do it to gain a following and then discredit them or their beliefs. That's exactly what AJ did with his interview with Joe Rogan when he claimed that schizophrenic Sandy Hook Truthers convinced him to belive that no one died at Sandy Hook. He is definitely one of the Controlled Opposition's Disinfo Warrior's Thanks RFB.

  4. People I know and myself, do not want war. I believe the government is putting fear into the general public to justify war. Fake attacks etc. The powers that be make money from war, they don't care how many poor people that are killed etc. by war.

  5. Putin will use his first strike option as the USA has done so many times in the past
    Hypersonic missiles you won’t even have time to say wow look at that bees 🐝 nest coming at us

  6. did you know the Apartheid jewish state of israhell is the only state in the world with no national debt and America is sending them billions of dollars in head every year?time to cut the ball and chain dragging us down !

  7. They are poisoning us with chemical trails I've been in France for 2 weeks n every day they came at least 6 different plane's criss crossing in the mornings when the sky was clear right till the afternoon n left us with some flakey clouds

  8. Exactly what happened with 9/11!! False flag to scare the people into doing something. FEAR is what control the entire world. Think about it.. you go to work so your not scared of not having money or losing your job. You do good in school because your scared of not getting good enough grades to pass. You do what your parent say because your scared of the punishment. Fear is very controlling. You don't have e fear in people you dont have control.

  9. I think I know what the false flag will be but it wont be in USA…tick tock..tick tock..🕛❌marks the spot for 💣💣💣Yep it's set to blow up. Haven't they all been warning us "(Time) is up!!!!" The blame for it will be put on Iran…its a plan set in motion for start of War on Iran

  10. On 60 Minutes today they had a story about the European and American Banks money laundering 200 Billion dollars of criminal money last year. Funny no one knows what happened to the money.


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