Episode 246: On this show, Flippy fixes a spine, Gundam takes a knee, big wave surfer is 33, Cubano warns of American communism, waccine push for children and Israeli video accompanying it, Harry legs Biden spawn Hunter busted, Trump real estate conflict of interest, race war over Breonna Taylor and new Rittenhouse footage, Fauci argues with Paul, and a Nephilim Update with the son of Satan!

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  1. Y'ALL. ☝ I love ya. ✌ I support ya. But I CANNOT do 2+ HOURS worth of CCNT or CCR (and I love John Fogarty, lol). ðŸĪŠ ðŸŽļ There's just too much stuff going on out there for a 2-hour listen. Gonz, love that you've hooked up with the likes of Sharon, Derek & SkyWatch! 👍👍👍

  2. Oh man, that drummer brings back memories of when our drummer would do stuff like that on purpose during a song while we were jammin'. We'd be cryin'/laughin' so hard we couldn't finish even if we wanted to.


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