1:00 Sacrifice – Lecrae
1:46 Alright Alright Alri-Ight – Gideonz Army feat. Blake
2:30 Free – Guvna B
3:15 Love Or Hate – Tyrone Andrew
4:04 Can’t Fake It – Wit & Dre Murray feat. Alex Faith & Pro
4:48 Zone Out – KB feat. Chris Lee
5:32 Tu Amor Me Sostiene – El Bima feat. Mexicano777 & El Novato
6:17 Before Goodbye – High Society
7:09 Hold Us Down – Reconcile feat. Thi’sl
7:52 One Sixteen – Trip Lee feat. KB & Andy Mineo
8:37 La Vie Que J’Ai Choisie – Dernier Rempart
9:29 Hope You Miss Me – Lavoisier feat. Gemstones
10:11 Black Rose – Thi’sl
10:50 Swerv – Black Knight feat. KIDD,Jor’Dan Armstrong & Jesus Geek
11:35 Still With You – Jin feat. Uncle Reece
12:30 Video Games – Alex Faith
13:12 Past The Sky – Derek Minor
13:56 It’s Been A Pleasure – Sean Simmonds
14:46 I Ain’t Got An Answer – Propaganda feat. Sho Baraka
15:31 Child Of God – Jeremiah feat. Eshon Burgundy & Copywrite
16:17 The Kill – Eshon Burgundy
17:07 Glow In The Dark – Social Club feat. Gawvi
18:06 Vroom – Grace Nation
18:47 Ladida – Dee-1 feat. Coco Dank
19:31 Don’t Give Up – Corey Paul




  1. Elohim. Lord. We. Come. To. You. In. Spirit. And. Truth. Lord. With. My. Whole. Heart. With. My. Whole. Mind. With. My whole. Soul. I. Give. You Elohim. All. The. Worship. IAM. Cover. Ready. To. Do. Battle. Against. The. Evil. One. Through. The. Holy. Ghost. In. The. Name. Of. Jesus. I. Break. Every. Curse. Off. My. Life. Destroying. Hell. Through. Jesus. Christ. Satan. You. Are under. The. Feet. Of. The. Saints. Of. God. You. Have. No. Power. Prayer. Is. My. Sword. The. Fire. Of. God. Break the. Finger. Satan. The. Evil works. Of. Hell. In. The. Name. Of. Jesus. Christ. He. Cover. Me. Under. His. Wings. The. Lord. Cover. My. Head. In. Day. Of. Battles. War. The. Almighty. God. Against. The. Power. Of. The. Forces. Of. Hell. Bow. Down. Under. The. Feet. Of. The. Lamb. Of. God. All. Darkness. Is. Under. The. Feet. Of. God. Shine. Forth. Light. Through. Darkness. See. The. Light. Of. God. Overtake. Darkness. With. The. Pure. Light. Of. God. True. Vine. The. Son. Of. God. angels. Of. Zion. Walk. Around. Me. Ready. For. Battle. The. Sword. Of. The. Lord. Before. All. Nations of. The. World. All. Angels Dace. Over. The. Souls. Of. Man. In. The. Heavens. We. They. Come. To the. Lord. And. Give him. Their. Life. He. Will. Give. Them the. Free. Gift. Of. Eternal. Life. Everlasting. Life. The lover. Of your soul

  2. Real pics,real people,raw truth….In this video Theres pics of me stunt'n with money then pics of me with some of my homeboys that have bn brutally murdered,other family n friends that have also bn murdered me in prison on the yard n in the visitation shed with my kids….the pictures R to give witness n allow the reality to sink in of what the streets,the world that life that so many rappers glorify really have to offer!!I dedicated the video in living memory of my dads little brother my uncle Sisco along with my other homeboys that fell victim to the streets………It's real outchea!The devil is a lie n he seeks to kill,steal,destroy, n divide…….The only way out is thru the Cross,The only way to victory is JESUS Christ!!!!!!#OneAccord
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