Morning Worship Songs 2020 | Christian Worship Music 2020 | Early Morning Worship Songs & Prayer
Genuine worship isn’t just singing songs and getting a good feeling in your heart. Genuine worship is seeing God for who He really is—His power, His greatness, His holiness, His sovereignty, His love, and His compassion—and then giving Him what He’s worth—the best of your time, your talents, your thoughts, your words, and your deeds.
True worship is seeing afresh the tremendous worth of God and, in response, giving Him the best of everything you have.
[00:00:00] – Holy
[00:04:06] – Alpha and Omega
[00:15:47] – I Will Exalt You
[00:22:16] – No Longer Slaves
[00:24:38] – Good Good Father
[00:26:53] – Here as in Heaven
[00:32:30] – You’re Bigger
[00:41:11] – You Will Win
[00:47:28] – Lord You’re Mighty
[00:55:08] – Spirit Break Out
[00:59:17] – Thine Is the Kingdom
[00:59:55] – Spirit Break Out
[01:01:16] – The Name Of Jesus Is Lifted High
[01:07:31] – No Longer The Same
[01:11:18] – Changed
[01:13:48] – No Longer The Same
[01:24:40] – Victory Is Mine
[01:31:07] – Glory to Jesus
Morning Thanksgiving
We give you sincere thanks for the rest of the past night and for the gift of a new day, with its opportunities to pleasing you. Grant that we may so pass its hours in the perfect freedom of your service, that at evening, we may again give you thanks; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
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