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  1. God heals I have been healed from cancer and my legs used to have such pain couldn't sleep but now I am pain free. God is pure love God is good and God is great. Pray, believe and receive God Bless all . JESUS is coming soon.

  2. Oi,pessoal…
    Que bom é acreditar em Deus,Ele te protege se você acredita em Deus me dê o seu dedo mindinho Eu não te forço e eu só vejo que acreditamos em Deus não é difícil você mexer um dedo o seu.Muito pouco problema para louvar a Deus porque louvar a Deus não custa nada!

  3. I got really bad nightmare so I woke up and straight I'm here with Hillsong.i saw my mom saving my life through her prayer holding her hand on me.Right now I'm away from my mom,I can't reach her. N I'm crying alone on my bed. So please pray for me and my mom.God bless you, hope we all will heal in the name of Jesus Christ. 🙏

  4. A Prayer for the Ukraine:

    Dear heavenly Father our Messiah God, Thou art gracious Father unto all the world.
    For you Father God have set apart the weak from the strong in order that your glory should be seen from the impoverishment of their journey in life, for the strength of the spirit is not according to the flesh, but according to love.

    May you have mercy dear heavenly Father on the Ukrainian people and their sons and daughters that each may live forever with you in Thy Kingdom.

    All wonder, might, majesty, glory and power is unto the Lord God in heaven who endures with the people who are persecuted for their testimony of Him who is worthy to deliver the weak in times of trouble, and who has the grace to attend to their needs in times of poverty, and who alone cleanses the conscience of all wrongdoing.

    Lord, Almighty God;
    We have our minds in fear but thy will has been done according to Thy word, and Thy word is unbreakable, for Thy word is Thy name.
    Let all who call upon the name of Jesus be saved and let them fear not nor be ashamed for the love of the Father is with them who have been persecuted for righteousness sake.

    We thank you heavenly Father that you have blessed those who endure with family through strife and lean unto the law of love for their neighbours sake, for as Thy scriptures have said: "love is the fulfilment of the law of faith."

    So may faith and love abound for those who are weak and who are persecuted for their righteousness, for they are near to God's heart as the least shall be called great! But those who call themselves great shall be made low…

    We thank you Lord Jesus our heavenly saviour for the people of the Ukraine who are suffering under the yoke of Militant Atheism. May aid come to them swiftly as a light arrow moves through the mist, and may the word of the Lamb be preached openly and zealously across the Ukraine unto all of the inhabitants that everyone may know the love of the Father that is for them and within them always…Amen


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