Tips for online dating

There are tons of dating apps out there !!!! I think I should start one lol …

My recommendations of best online dating apps are as follow
Facebook groups

Anyway the list is endlesssssssss

General TIPS for online dating

Be honest.
Have presentable picture.
Be careful too and respectful.
Look at any common similarities.
If you haven’t met them DO NOT fall in love directly…that can get tricky because you never know who you talking to at the end.
Meet in a public place!
Dating goal?
What exactly do you want?
Keeping the momentum cause your potential date is of course chatting with others.
Ask yourself also, when you are on that date finally, do you see yourself in seeing them again? What is your gut feeling.
It’s ok to be rejected.
Don’t waste your time yourself.
Don’t send Questions that can put someone off? What are you wearing? No sexual favors and asking for money etc.
Same opening line like…”HI”…really makes people lose interest quickly.

Will state here “MY 5 TIPS” on online dating

Fears using the app (environment thoughts) like relatives, work, neighbours might see it)
Don’t be afraid to use the app , so many people are meeting there & falling in love ). Back in the day we used to meet our potentials through work, friends and socials events. But now technology has made it easier for us. Do what you want and what feels right for you.
Once you have decided to leave the fear behind and to go on an online dating app, I come to my point number 2.

The entry level is the perfect picture.
Have presentable pictures.
If you have a friend with better camera do ask your friend, don’t be shy…it will increase your chances.
Group photos? If, then only one max.
Entry point is the picture itself. Please don’t post pictures of you that are ten years old cause this may give the wrong impression of you now.

The moment you got your first matches brings us to point number 3, the description box.

Description Box
Invest in a few sentences, not one and not an essay because this gives an opportunity to make people to get to know about you and get interested in you.
It makes easier for everyone.
Write about fun stuff, hobbies, what you are looking for
If you read some analysis about the online dating it’s reported that the description is as valuable as the picture itself once you have matched somebody.
Description box gives a great opener for conversions instead of saying only “HI” and “HALLO”.
That’s a dead end already at the beginning.
Us ladies we always wanted to be hunted:-)

Now that you have received likes, matches and had your first conversations we speak about point number 4.

Don’t directly fall in love with the picture/profile only. They are weird people out there, scammers, lonely people just fishing for compliments, married people looking for excitement but might never want to meet and much more…Since we know this we can control it for ourselves. Just be cautious and with open eyes on one side but also enjoy it and have fun on the other side.
Dating is supposed to be great and enjoyable.
Just don’t immediately share your address or more intimate things about you before meeting them.
For the gents, also please don’t be weird asking sexy pictures it’s right a turn off for the ladies.

At the end if it’s not fun anymore & dating has to be fun and enjoyable and I know the apps can be exhausting. So much writing sometimes and nice chatting, suddenly being rejected, just deleted is not always fun.
So that brings us to my last point number 5.

Take a break!

There are awesome people who messaged me about not having luck and no response or etc. I gave my own sentiments but yeah it’s ok to take a break it can be exhausting trust me I know this….
Online dating apps listen to their community. These apps do upgrade and develop their platforms constantly, if you can go after back after 6 months and it’s totally new and maybe more for you to explore new features and this can help you to get successful potential.
You will be surprised about those upgrades.

In closing, there are success stories in online dating and I know tons of people who met their significant others through online dating apps yes it may work for you or not.
Such is life guys but all I know is your soulmate could be on an dating app out there waiting for you!


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  1. I've been trying to use dating apps cor years without getting any results. I never got any matches on Bumble, and there's nothing left on Tinder but prostitutes and scammers. And now I'm too old to find anyone.

  2. Dear Friend 🤗🥰, most appreciate you, giving yourself time to advise on dating apps. Your last point, definitely worked for me, because at times it was just overwhelming but a break was definitely needed. It's fun, amazing to be on dating apps as I honestly learned a lot. Thank you for sharing this information with us 🤗🥰🌻


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