Best Praise and Worship Songs 2022 – Top 100 Best Christian Gospel Songs All Time – Christian Songs
Here you can listen to music and feel the melodies throughout, you will feel that God is with you.
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Music sources are collected from God’s beloved fans.
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  1. When I was 18, I had no direction in my life. I was depressed, suicide and addicted to drugs. I didn't think my life could get any worse, but then I lost my mother and father in a freak car accident. That was the final straw for me, I had no one else in my life, no reason to live. I through my body off a bridge in an attempt to kill myself, but as soon as I began to fall, I immediately regretted it. Suddenly, I saw all of the things I wanted to achieve in life flash before my eyes. Marrying a beautiful girl, starting a family with her and becoming a doctor. As these things vividly flashed before me, I could hear a voice that I could only describe as ethereal. It was in that moment that the Lord had decided to save me! I miraculously survived the fall, which baffled every medical professional that checked on me. I knew that GOD had spared me because he had great plans for me, and that gave me the will to carry on. That was 10 years ago. I am now a qualified medical professional, and tomorrow I will be proposing to my girlfriend of 4 years 🙂 Wish me luck my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! God bless you all <3

  2. We played this while I was in labor and as I gave birth to my son. The Holy Spirit filled that hospital room with a thick presence. He was born into peace. Even the staff said it was the most peaceful birth they have ever been a part of. Thank you Jesus❤


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