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Bowling Green’s new city prosecutor believes in seeking justice for victims and finding the best resolution for those convicted. 

Alyssa M. Blackburn, who has been in her new position at Bowling Green Municipal Court for three weeks, comes to the job with over eight years experience as a Wood County assistant prosecuting attorney in the criminal division.

In that position, Blackburn handled many in-depth felony cases of child abuse and sexual assault.

“Those were very physically and emotionally draining,” she said.

The municipal prosecutor’s position will provide new challenges, with more cases and a faster pace.

Blackburn graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and received her law degree from the University of Toledo College of Law, where she interned at both the Toledo and Maumee municipal prosecutors’ offices. 

“I started doing internships and became fascinated with the subject matter and helping people,” she said. “No two days are the same.”

She began her legal career in private practice while also holding the position of assistant law director in her hometown of St. Marys.

Though Blackburn could likely earn twice as much had she stayed in private practice, she was drawn to prosecuting cases. She told of one friend who was sexually assaulted.

“I felt like they didn’t get the justice she deserved,” Blackburn said. “I like to help victims and defendants by finding what’s best for everybody.”

Blackburn comes to her new position with votes of confidence from those who have seen her skill in the courtroom, and those who are counting on her to do the same in her new job.

“She has an impressive background,” said former BG City Attorney Mike Marsh, who also previously served in the city prosecutor’s office.

“All the judges think highly of her,” he said. “She has a wonderful reputation and is well regarded as a lawyer.”

The Bowling Green Municipal Court is one of the busiest municipal courts in Ohio, Marsh said.

“She has a great personality and a great work ethic,” Municipal Court Judge Mark Reddin said. “I think she’ll be great.”

Reddin said in the past Blackburn would “pinch hit” on felony cases in the court.

“I think she will have all the tools to do an outstanding job here,” he said.

Wood County Common Pleas Judge Matt Reger has seen Blackburn in action prosecuting felonies in his courtroom.

“She comes to the job with a lot of experience as a prosecutor,” he said. “She’s proven herself. She’s prepared. She knows what she’s doing.”

Bowling Green Mayor Mike Aspacher said several highly qualified candidates were interviewed for the prosecutor’s position. 

“Alyssa really distinguished herself. She’s very passionate about serving her community in that position” and she already has a relationship with the Bowling Green Police Division, the mayor said.

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