Check out these 5 SUPER EASY, helpful tips HOW TO STAY ORGANIZED AND INSPIRED in your Bible reading, journaling and notes! Just getting started? No problem, this is very beginner-friendly, and doesn’t take artistic skill or anything complicated. Using basic office supplies, I show you how to help customize your Bible notes to be more personalized to you. Check out these shopping links for the supplies featured in this video, including my Bible journal!

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My Tips for Staying Organized and Inspired:

1. Use different colored tabs for various themes, such as hope, love, money, marriage, trusting in God, or whatever else it might be!

2. Post-it-Notes to jot prayers or notes down, and stick them inside your Bible, on the relevant pages and sections. It really brings visual dimension to the pages, and catches your eye!

3. Highlight using color coding techniques (example: I do all pink highlights for personal identity verses, and yellow for all other verses). Also! Use a bracket to extra emphasize verses that you want to make pop out from the page, when you flip through it in the future!

4. Write the date in, when you take notes, journal or prayer. Great to reflect back on!

5. Keep a Bible box, or “Bible Journaling Box” handy with all of your Bible note-taking supplies!

Thanks everyone so much for watching! I hope this was helpful, and please let me know in the comments below if you have any other topic requests. Staying on track with reading the Bible can be easy at times, and take more effort at other times, but these easy techniques have really inspired and motivated me for years. Be blessed; I’m so thankful for you!


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