Whether you’re a believer of any stripe or not, the Bible is a foundational text for Western civilization. It’s provided the moral basis for many laws and policies, and its literary elements have inspired everyone from Shakespeare to Iron Maiden. It also may have predicted the future. Depending on whether you take a more traditional or historical view of the compositions of biblical prophecy, God’s spokespeople had a pretty good track record of foreseeing the decline and fall of various empires. Here are the bible prophecies that ended up coming true—along with a few that don’t seem quite so accurate.

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Prophecy: Failed siege of Jerusalem | 0:00
Prophecy: Fall of Jerusalem | 1:13
Prophecy: Fall of Egypt and Tyre | 2:24
Prophecy: Israel restored | 3:12
Prophecy: The succession of empires | 4:20
Prophecy: The fall of Nineveh | 5:13
Prophecy: The birth of Jesus | 6:21
Prophecy: The rise of Muhammad | 7:14
Prophecy: RFID chips and the EU | 8:17
Codes in the bible | 9:33

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  1. Trump = Daniel 11 19.

    Biden = Daniel 11 20.

    Obama = Daniel 11 21.

    It is Revelation 17:10-11 KJV Trump=6th Biden=7th Obama=8th & of the 7 the 5th head and the 8th.

    I keep warning what the Holy Spirit said to me after I humbled my self even if it falls on deaf ears.

    This is not an opinion or interpretation the Holy Spirit said this himself after I humbled my self after what happened to my mum and dad believing as a child trusting God fully like a child does a parent and that small still voice the Holy Spirit answered me.

    Comment for the full post I cant post it 1st or YT will hide it.

    I need a comment to post it on so it can be seen.

  2. “`We Are All living in the end times where demonic forces rule but Lord Jesus Christ✝️🙏 is coming soon to End all the Evil Demonic forces on planet earth 🌎. Please Lord Jesus Christ✝️🙏 bless everyone with all the blessings Of going to heaven💖🙏“`

    The one, who is reading this message of mine right now, I just want to say that: The horrible times we are living in today is going to be even worse and more dreadful in the Upcoming future……

    Because today some oversmart people believe that this virus-epidemic has started to end Or this virus is getting weaker, And because of this small thinking, those people till date are spending their life doing wrong things……

    But for their safety, I warn them all Cause No doubt in the Upcoming tomorrow a very powerful virus will come, which is more terrible than Corona virus, Which today human cannot even imagine……

    Maybe some people will be laughing at me after reading these things of mine,
    But you just think for yourself,
    3 years ago, we never expected that any virus like covid 19 will spread all over the world And our whole world will be locked in for more than 2 years and because of it many people will die…….

    But today when we know all this then we should also accept this fact that after 3 years from today Or maybe in this year another new virus will come, due to which people will become zombies Or They will be killed by suffering from many different diseases, that's why there is still Time, whatever we are today, Whatever be our situation, I just want to tell you that Lord Jesus Christ loves you……

    No matter what God you believe in, But just have faith in that Supreme and give time to your family Because this money and property, fame and comfort, certificates and studies, ego and attitude, status and youthful spirit etc,All this will end one day, And we are all going to die very soon, so the number of days we are alive on this earth today, We have to live with goodness, this is my prayer to you all……

  3. It's not a prophecy if people were working to make it come true.
    Also, why aren't the prophecy more precisive. Like why aren't there any dates or names?
    The fact that the so-called "prophecies" are so mundane, they shouldn't be called prophecies but rather guesses!

    Regardless, even if any prophecy came to be true, how do you get from that to god is real!

  4. You can have a better moral compass without the bible, as it allows you to consider another person your property that you can pass on to your children as an inheritance…Do you think that is morally acceptable?

  5. Prophecies are nothing more than something that will eventually happen. You write about it or talk about it long enough and then when it does happen everybody goes oh look it did happen.

  6. Here I am jesus christ the man to be made a fallin angel due to the path I chose. I'm 2400 years old and I only have the knowledge the divine knowledge of spirit. As soon as all of you truly turn away from the system then ul see god and feel his touch


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