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  1. I am so not hoping anymore…I am just going about my business as usual in 2020…..whenever it happens I will be ready….not living like 2019 only looking over my it today or maybe tomorrow…no.

  2. THANK YOU Jesus for another AWESOME Update… as usual. Yes Lord. Maranatha! The Spirit and the Bride say COME. Lord Jesus! We truly LONG to GO HOME! (And we don't want Brother JD ~ going "BEFORE US"… he he he he he!) We ALL want to BE found READY and WATCHING, for Your Glorious Appearing, to CALL US to Yourself… Forever! Hallelujah! LOVE YOU Lord. Amen. And I LOVE and PRAY daily, for Brother JD. Amen and Amen! Blessings. Leila. Australia.

  3. So you forgot to mention the rest of the "whole plan." America is being dismantled from the inside, the "strong man" is in the house (meaning the government not the white house). We are being sold out, enslaved, drained of resources, and given away, piece by piece.

  4. Has anybody else been having this experience,
    For the past month I have been woken up by the holy spirit and listening to my spirit praying in tongues very fast and have no control,happened a few times.
    When I asked the holy spirit why this is happening he told me that there are people all around the world that the spirit of God is quicking to pray to ask God the father to hold back his hand of wrath that is coming on the whole earth
    And said this is why the taking away of the bride must happen and the spirit of God removed before God can pour out his wrath

  5. Another defense of Trump I see.


    A man with no military or political experience announces his run for the most powerful seat in the world. His promise? GREATNESS. He controls the flow of money, and is head over a military that is unmatched in the world. He is consumed with winning politically and fortifying his strongholds. Though initially thought of as a minor threat by his associates, he truly towers over them. He demolishes them by means of abusive and slanderous speech, tears down the character of those who oppose him and flatters and elevates those who admire him. He rises up as if by sheer will. He is an alpha male who plots and manipulates anything and everything to take down his opponents. He is seemingly unstoppable. To the utter amazement of the world, he succeeds at nearly everything he does, despite his lack of deep personal conviction on any issue except self-aggrandizement. His narcissistic pride is evident to all as he continually boasts, exaggerating his achievements and financial worth. He is characteristically disingenuous, so deftly twisting the truth that deceit becomes the norm rather than the exception.

    An aura emanates from him that seems to delude people’s thinking; making those―seemingly intelligent―unable to discern truth from falsehood. At some point, these deluded masses begin to view good things as evil and evil things as good. He is untamable, doing whatever he pleases. These characteristics cause other world leaders to fear him. He shows little regard for the support of women, yet boasts of his various adulterous relationships. Despite his inflated claims, he does possess considerable wealth, which he unabashedly flaunts; wealth accumulated through real estate holdings and building projects. Hailed as the consummate praised man of the city, he is a builder of great high towers, bedecked with precious stones and gold. He is obsessed with his name and plasters it on everything he touches.

    He is cunning and shrewd; playing his enemies like a game of cards. He is vicious in his desire to win. The concepts of grace and forgiveness find no place in him. Violence follows him wherever he goes; even to the killing of innocents who stand between him and his goals. His false show of religion gains the trust of people of faith―deluding them. He comes to power through the “simple folk” who have been discarded as insignificant. His supporters are unwavering in their commitment, for they worship the ground he walks on. His rise to power coincides with a political uprising and defection. Many will leave their former political affiliations.

    His ascension comes at a time of worldwide financial, social, religious, military and civil upheaval. But he will promise to restore law and order, and to soon put an end to crime and violence; a few of many extravagant promises he will never keep. He will establish an extreme vetting process to prevent illegals from gaining access. He will seek the wealth of Iraq as Russia shows signs of escalating military aggression towards the Middle East. Known for his ability to make deals, he promises to make a peace deal between Israel and her surrounding enemies. He plans a restructure of the balance of power in Europe in order to fight terror. The earth will be in global flux.

    Who do these paragraphs describe? This portrait was penned thousands of years ago. It is a biblical word picture of the most evil, ruthless killer of all time; a tyrant who will draw the world into the last great mega-battle known as Armageddon. The Bible refers to this man as the Son of Perdition, the Man of Sin, the Wicked One, the Worthless Shepherd, the Beast, the LIE, the Adversary, the Spoiler, the Willful King, the Lawless One, the Desolator, and more. This man’s wickedness grows until, eventually, Satan himself will possess him. He is known to most as the Antichrist

    (copyright Jonathan Dane – 2016 – All Rights Reserved)

  6. Pastor, your excitement in Christ's return is infectious!!! Loved this prophecy update. You are being used mightily by our Lord Jesus Christ to spread HIS gospel. Keep on preaching it, until we believers go UP!

  7. Please don't stop playing the old hymns. I was so happy that you included communion and a hymn not often played anymore in churches today. I even sang along. 🙂 God bless!

  8. You only have to Google peace and security and the amount of articles/reports/polls/blogs about those exact words is amazing! Lot's from political and national security forces. Jesus is coming hallelujah 🕊


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