Pastor JD talks about two major prophecies in the Bible that point to how close we are to the rapture, namely, the allied invasion of Israel and the compromising evasion of the last days church. This update will only be shown in its uncensored entirety at

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  1. We are not involved in Ezekiel as the Pastor said but because we believe in the pre-tribulation Rapture of the church and because I personally believe Putin is the Antichrist and because the pope is the false prophet and because of all of the interaction with UFOs and because of the New Age movement there is no reason in view of what is happening right now in our time frame that the pre-tribulation Rapture could not appear because the Antichrist reveals himself when he formed the peace pact with Israel but all of the events right now with NATO security being threatened with Putin taking over the Ukraine and many people thinking he's going to go for the other Russian countries like Poland and Yugoslavia Etc that used to be Russian satellites these could be re precursors to the One World Government that we will not see. I personally believe now because of Pastor JD's teachings that we will be experiencing the tribulation we will not be experiencing the tribulation and that the pre-tribulation Rapture of the church is going to be much sooner than we thought because especially what's happening now with a collapsing of all of our governmental sources and I do not believe we have to be here to see how all of this eventually unfolds into the final combination of a nuclear ear and threatening the earth. I believe we will be gone before then

  2. My comment about Israel is this. I know that the pastor has many contacts some of I'm sure who are in Congress or senators and even though we do support Israel everybody in that government does not believe in Jesus in my point is has anybody from this ministry reached out to any senator who has any contact with Israel who is a Christian and ask them to explain that there will be another Holocaust and you have to use that word so they'll understand that they will not survive the pre-tribulation Rapture and they will be taken in the tribulation Rapture of the church two-faced on Earth the turmoil and suffering because they do not believe in Jesus and even though we understand that they would laugh at this why not try talking to some of the people who are in power in Israel because they think they are doing God's will. I don't think anybody is ever talk to them and use the word holocaust all we do is support is real and tell them how great they are giving him and at least they should hear the message before it's too late

  3. I know that Putin does not fit into the profile of the Antichrist that has been talked about by so many biblical Scholars but I believe that he is because there are other pieces of the puzzle that are falling into place that many people disregard because they're not connecting all the dots. The Marion visions that are still going on for years even recently have stated and you know this is Satan appearing as Mary have stated that there will be a worldwide events that will happen in Medjugorje to let the world know that she is telling the truth and there will be three days where people will have a chance to repent before something catastrophic hits the world and you know she's stating she's a mediator to Jesus for this is wrong. The Pope is telling everything which is against the Bible he's talkin about baptizing ETS and the Protestant Community is ignoring the fact that even though Tucker Carlson on Fox is talked about these unidentified flying objects for at least the past year nobody is tying them all together and they are all related. The UFOs we know are coming from another dimension and our products of the angels that fell from heaven no matter how they up here and their appearances have been in the Christian abductions have been documented for at least 25 years by credible people. However the Triangular large spaceships that have appeared by credible Witnesses who worked at the nuclear power plants around the United States when they have appeared all of the new clear Gadgets were turned off by these entities and the people that worked at the power plant couldn't turn them on. Then they were Switched Off. Chuck Missler who was the pastor who recently died talk to about these entities for years and tied them in with the New Age movement which has stated that when we all disappear in the pre-tribulation Rapture are being gone will be explained as us not belonging in the new world and the Marian Visions have stated that something will happen to everybody on Earth who believes in her something will end infiltrate their personal being when this sign appears in Medjugorje and the secrets that have been given to these 10 Sears over the past 32 years. I've done my research and this is on YouTube if you'll care to look it up and I read what I read shocked me. behold Israel is a good site with Amir who is a Christian to teachings around the country and updates on the political schemes in Israel and across the nation that are helpful and don't contradict what Pastor j.d. is saying but none of these organizations are talking about the UFOs and the pope being the false prophet which has been preached about but I'm telling you he is the one because he's 80 years old he said everything you can possibly say against Jesus and the Bible and clothes terms and these nuclear sites that have been approached by these triangular spaceships through the new age Community, said that the UFOs or the SATs will interfere with Earth only when we are at the point of nuclear war because of course if there's a nuclear war everybody dies and we know that's not biblical and Satan would have nothing to rule that's

  4. February 25th the president of Ukraine was brought up is a secular Jew and does not necessarily believe in God but God seems to be using him as an instrument for his people. His parents were involved in the Holocaust and I think they died in the Holocaust. The next in line for the Ukrainian government is also a Jewish man I don't know if he is religious. The point is that Senator Marco Rubio said that the second big wave against the capital of Ukraine will be all of the electricity shut off which means no cell phones and no internet and then Putin will attack the capital. The whole cabinet of Ukraine is still in the capital hiding for safety and Putin knows that because it was televised by an announcement that the president was still behind his people and did not leave. When Putin talks about a meeting which is not going to take place it's a good ruse to find out where the president is and then kill him. The president of Ukraine on TV today said as a last resort as the Russians were going into the capitol that he may talk about neutrality of Ukraine with Putin but then Putin said well for a meeting they have to be talkin about the like things and Putin said that the Ukrainian Army has to lay down their arms before he would agree to a meeting. I've been watching 35 news stations around the world as a journalist and a writer for the past 3 days so what I'm telling you is correct. You won't hear this on secular news. this is all on YouTube if you care to look it up then the Ukrainian president made a last-ditch comment about setting up a meeting because he stated he felt left out in the cold by NATO and did he needed more support meaning the Swift agreement which would close off the Russia from all banking anywhere The problem is that NATO has to agree by all its members and Germany and Italy are hesitating because it would involve their energy. However mr. Biden could do that on his own from those associations which we use with shrimp with Russia as well as the UK and Canada but it's not being done and there's no more time because it's hours before all of the electricity in the Ukraine is shut off and remember Senator Marco Rubio tweeted this comment as to what's going to happen today and he's on the foreign committee for this issue. I understand all the biblical comments about who they think the Antichrist is but I'm telling you Putin is the Antichrist and I'm not saying I don't believe your biblical explanation but there's something wrong because Putin is possessed by a devil the reason I say that is the president of France after meeting with him last week so different in his face and so did set five Fox reporters noticed the same thing that I noticed. When Putin has always talked before about the political issues he's been calm but when he went on Russian television to explain about the invasion he was talking like a man like a demon possessed which I believe he is and I mean this sincerely his facial gestures were different his eyes were different and expert CIA people have also said the same thing the new sources around the world there's something very wrong with him. secular stations have mentioned the word evil And when you have 3/4 of your army surrounding a country you mean to take it over not negotiate and everything he has said is a lie. and a reporter who works for the Moscow Echo times in a tweet to a new source that is in the United States and I saw the Tweet stated she checked the video Putin put out to the Russian people when he explained why he was attacking and that video was pre-recorded and she checked it by checking the data links from the Russian news stations video files. I have a copy of the tweet that I saved from the US news source that is not a big news agency doing the tracking of all of the information coming in on the internet. I am a very well-educated woman and a writer and I am up on everything dealing with this Ukraine situation because I've done the research on Putin on the background of what happened before and Putin is doing what he did with Crimea Crimea the other two entities he has said are independent And in

  5. Thank you, Pastor. I listened to this in it's entirety. I realized that I had felt God's discernment and tried to raise a warning to my friends. We are to put our trust in God alone. Maranatha!

  6. Psalm 102, 103, 107, Ez 37 – 39
    I stand against you Gog/Magog. Adonai will crush you against the mountains. For all you have done and will do. Your weapons will be for the fire. Fire will Destroy you. You and your troops will fall. You will know Adonai is the one and only God. Yeshua our Saviour will come soon. He died and rose for our sins. For us all. If you believe this and accept him. You will be saved.
    02.24.2022 today
    Good evening friend and brother, from Igvit2God. Thank you.
    Ezekial 37-39
    Has begun… soon to come if it doesn't stop now.
    Ww3 Gog/Magog….
    Peace – False Peace
    Keep our eyes on Yeshua.
    On Adonai
    We will rejoice!
    No matter what is happening in our lives.
    Pray together with one mighty voice!
    To the Lord!
    Je T'aime Yeshua
    Adonai Je T'aime

    I love you Jesus
    God I love you

    Я люблю тебе Ісусе Я люблю тебе Боже

    Seni seviyorum İsa Seni seviyorum tanrım

    amo-Te, Jesus Eu amo seu Deus

    ฉันรักคุณพระเยซู ฉันรักคุณพระเจ้า

    jag älskar dig, Jesus jag älskar dig Gud

    Nakupenda Yesu Nakupenda Mungu

    waan ku jeclahay ciise Illahay waan ku jeclahay

    Ljubim te Jezus ljubim te Bog

    Tha gaol agam ort Iosa Tha gaol agam ort a Dhia

    я люблю тебя, Иисус Я люблю тебя, Бог

    Te iubesc Iisus te iubesc Doamne

    Jeg elsker deg Jesus jeg elsker deg Gud

    म तिमीलाई माया गर्छु येशू म तिमीलाई माया गर्छु भगवान

    Би чамд хайртай Есүс Би чамд хайртай бурхан минь

    Ես սիրում եմ քեզ Հիսուս Ես սիրում եմ քեզ Աստված

    Ndagukunda Yesu Ndagukunda Mana

    Ég elska þig Jesús Ég elska þig Guð

    Te amo Jesus
    Te amo Dios

    Ech hunn dech gär Jesus Ech hunn dech gär Gott

    kocham Cie Jezu Kocham Cię Boże

    Aš myliu tave Jėzau as tave myliu Dieve

    ຂ້ອຍຮັກເຈົ້າພຣະເຢຊູ ຂ້ອຍຮັກເຈົ້າພະເຈົ້າ

    szeretlek Jesus szeretlek Isten

    사랑해요 예수님 나는 당신을 사랑 신

    Is breá liom tú Íosa Is breá liom tú Dia

    אותך אלוהים אני אוהב אותך ישו אנ, אוהב

    Aloha au ia oe Iesu Aloha au iā ʻoe e ke Akua

    Mwen renmen ou Jezi mwen renmen w Bondye

    Σε αγαπώ Ιησού σε αγαπώ Θεέ μου

    Ich liebe dich Jesus ich liebe dich Gott

    მე შენ მიყვარხარ იესო მე შენ მიყვარხარ ღმერთო

    Mahal kita Hesus mahal kita Panginoon

    ik hou van je Jezus ik hou van je God

    Jeg elsker dig Jesus jeg elsker dig Gud

    miluji tě Ježíši miluji Tě Bože

    volim te Isuse volim te Bože

    Seni seviyorum İsa
    Seni seviyorum tanrım

    uhibuk ya yasue 'uhibuk ya Adonai
    Tôi yêu Chúa chua ơi tôi yêu ngươi

    Rwy'n dy garu di Iesu Rwy'n dy garu di Dduw
    יאָשקע איך האָב דיך ליב גאָט

    ikh libe ir yoshke

    איך ליבע איר יאָשקע איך האָב דיך ליב גאָט

    ikh libe ir yoshke ikh hob dikh lib got

    আমি তোমাকে যীশু ভালোবাসি আমি তোমাকে ঈশ্বর দেখি

    我爱你,耶稣 我爱你上帝

    イエスさま、あいしてる 私はあなたを愛しています神

    Ek is lief vir jou Jesus Ek is lief vir jou God

    Unë të dua Jezus te dua zot

    Ես սիրում եմ քեզ Հիսուս Ես սիրում եմ քեզ Աստված

  7. Pastor, J.D., please "just keep being truthful", no matter the cost. I, for one and for whatever it's worth, respect you more for being courageous and truthful! Those other people who criticized you and/or wrote unkind words to you remind me of the Old Testament Jews who pleaded with God (the perfect Ruler/Leader/President) to give them a king like the nations around them. Look at the mess they ended up with😪… I pray these people will be convicted by The Holy Spirit of God's displeasure with their treatment towards you on the Trump issue and ask God's forgiveness and APOLOGIZE to you. I pray they will understand what's really going on and humble themselves.

    JOSHUA 1:9 "This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”
    In love from your sister-in-The Lord

  8. Just listened to your sermon for this week on your website. Just had to come here to youtube to comment on it. Last week you mentioned Donald Trump in your sermon too. You read an email from an online Parisher like me. I was a great supporter of Donald Trump. I became concerned when he started Operation Warp Speed. After your last two sermons I have to admit that you are totally correct, about Donald Trump. My faith is not in man, it is in Jesus Christ. Sometimes life's lessons are hard to hear, and even harder to learn, but it is important that we recognize the truth of it when we hear it. God Bless and keep preaching the word. We Are Listening! We are hearing! See you in the air soon!!!

  9. I believe God put an elephant for president and he could do things which nobody else could do and had to be done. Replacing the ambassade to Jerusalem. Only an elephant could do that. And further, he had his own manners. That is it. And it is over with him. We are watching an other actor right now. We all see it is over with America.

  10. Pastor I very rarely comment but on the DJ Trump issue, in 2019 His Holy Spirit Gave me discernment about him and it made my skin crawl!! DIVISIVE he is corrupt to the core!! God bless you and your family can’t wait to spend an eternity hanging out with all the saints including yourself 🙏💕🇺🇸🇮🇱💕 He is Faithful, Worthy and Able

  11. JD, I started watching your Channel in 2014 with my husband. He died four years ago on March 17. I have been watching ever since that time. I may not like what you have to say sometimes, but you speak "TRUTH" and these are the things we the people and especially the church need to hear. So as long as God allows me to, I will listen and watch you until we go up and I meet you in the air. Thank you! Keep on preaching brother and God bless you always!

  12. I wouldn't be so angry at Trump. He is all that was and is expected. No shocker!! What everyone should be angry about is neglectful pastors who shut their eyes to the world entering the church. Godless music, feel good sermons, no real accountability, nepotism and on it goes. When the real threat came knocking at the door, pastors shut their doors. They enabled fear and fostered it. Trump did what he was supposed to do. It's the sleeping and complacent church that failed EPICLY!!

  13. Thank you for your website prophecy update, I'm so well fed and God bless you and yours, I will see you soon at the wedding supper wherei can properly introduce myself with my new name, and new body, big hugs I will give you, keep going trooper! We will all (the body) still be standing with you. I'm so happy "the (soul) ution" has been revealed to you. The Holy Spirit told me 3 months before 2020 xx see you soon

  14. JD love you man… BUT… pedestal? only Jesus, not you nor Trump. I watched you cry for Hunter, yet not for his sister-in-law (Bo's wife) which he had sex with, or Hunter's niece who he had nude pictures of on the "Laptop from Hell." Doesn't Trump need Jesus like Hunter? Come-on-man!? I agree with your three points regarding #45 mistakes… right-on. BUT, maybe God allowed those things to happen to get us where we are today? God used Cyrus the Great, he wasn't a Jew. I've watched you for over four years and will continue to do so. You're not my pastor, I have one, plus I don't belong to an online church, I go to church and am the church. One last thing… I love this country maybe more than you, I was born in Cuba and came over legally in 1966 at the age of five, I'm sixty. Okay one more last thing, thank you for all you have taught me, you're my brother and a great man of God. Let's see a tear for Trump as he needs Jesus too! Amen? Rick 4 JC from Southern Pinko California. Much love JD!

  15. AMEN🙏Standing N Agreement 💯%.Thank You JESUS💗for giving Us a Pastor that WILL tell the Whole Truth & Nothing BUT the Truth 4 Such a Time As This…Nope Dont like either…right = left…THIS 💓Belongs To JESUS CHRIST 👑 NOT 4 SALE❗p.s. I've got to same response as J.D. on this 🐘N the room( loved it)…all done from LOVE…but few received 💔❗ Still I Pray🙏Maranatha👐LORD JESUS " HELP IS ON "HIS" WAY ☝" GOD BLESS 💌

  16. Why was my comment deleted? There was no hate in what I said. I am just wondering if it was YouTube or the channel. Either way ONCE AGAIN , we should pray for the lost including the ones sending hateful e- mails . The division amoungs Christians started way before DJT came along . What about the arguments and hate when you bring up pre trib rapture or who the antichrist is or how about OSAS????. Just some food for thought .
    I am not going anywhere Pastor J.D. but if you bring up one for the second time just to keep it balanced talk about the other one BHO and the ungodly things he did too? Or just move on to what is the most important as you always say bring people to Jesus and Jesus to people.
    Instead of looking to L or R for hope we should look up .
    Love you Pastor J.D.

  17. I Love the way you preach the Truth and include astonishing details of Prophesy in your messages Pastor! I thank the Lord for you and you're message to a dying World. May those messages pierce the Hearts of the lost…..Amen


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