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  1. I for years did not make a connection of so called Chem trails/ I just couldn't make the total connection. Then some months ago gates discussed the need to spray the atmosphere to coordinate a methods to slow the suns effect on the earth. When I heard that plan I verified it a few sources that he really did claim such. That moment I saw the visible chem trail claims as just that. Sort of a testing ground ( or air spray) for the bigger plan. I am currently down to pondering only Sasquatch and Nessy. the rest can pretty well be found as fact not fiction!! 🤔

  2. JD please, please, please can you put a forward function on the website updates? I'm a lone working parent so I listen on ytube at 1.5 speed, replaying any bits I need to. I'd like to listen the rest via the website without watching it from the first hymns…
    Your website used to have this ability for approx first 4 weeks but then it disappeared. I appreciate the worship and all you input… but you know how crucial time is to glean the essence and be prepared. Thank you and God bless you, Yeshua really IS coming for us🙏

  3. Thank you shepherd Farag for being faithful to always talk about our blessed hope. It can't be easy to do this week after week when the world continues to become darker and darker. And to go another year with business as usual (buying/selling, building, eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage)? It would be a miracle to still be here by the end of 2023 but I suppose anything is possible.

  4. I work in the uniform rental industry, and I can’t tell you how many times since Covid shots, especially the booster, that I’m cleaning out young peoples lockers because they have died of heart attacks at such a young age. Normally healthy people I know, now are sick much of the time due to weakened immune systems.

  5. Thankyou pastor JD for another amazing prophesy update as always.. God is using you mightily during these crazy times. You such a great encouragement to me to keep going. Can you pray I can get the strength to give up my drinking habit. I drink cans of beer and guiness. I am Irish.

  6. Before the rapture Jerusalem must be born again, that's the young women in birthpain, even mentioned in 2 king19, 3, Jes 36 and 2. Chronic 32. Achim Klein made some videos in English too, explaining it better, than I can. Pastor Farag, I'd really appreciate it, if you get in contact with him to talk about that matter in love as brothers. What he says makes a lot of sense.

  7. I'm glad Pastor JD isn't afraid to call out those who are deceiving people, by pretending to be a true believer,,, such as K West,,, Don't understand why some are being fooled by him.

  8. Please keep doing these prophecy updates Pastor JD.
    They're unique and you put things so well, like nobody else. You're a great blessing to me in Australia.

    I've watched a few Reawaken America conference episodes with Clay Clarke, and enjoyed them when certain people were speaking (such as Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Judy Mikovitz), but some other episodes I couldn't watch after a few minutes because the speakers were off on their own unrelated tangent.

    I've recently had my eyes opened to the Word Of Faith cult, and Daystar TV is that…Paula White and her ilk…. repulsive. I couldn't stomach that about Trump, that he had her as his "spiritual advisor". Did he have any spiritual discernment?

    Thank you for the link to the Hugo Talks videos. I've followed him for over a year and appreciated his content, especially his journalism on all the sportsmen suddenly dropping dead on the field after a certain injectable poison.❤️🇭🇲

  9. Do we really believe? We're going to be out of here and be changed? These are so surreal when everyday we live like any other. Making plans for future.. are we really the generation? Sounds so gd, so close, yet so far, so surreal…

  10. Thank you Pastor, for laying it all out there. Many are coming to the Lord because of truth being spoken. Yay!🎉 That’s how I came to the Lord, Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth.

  11. There is a YouTuber who was into the Hindu Vedas and new age practices. He is from the UK, but exposed the “great awakening” movement which prides itself on being conservative but is really controlled opposition, which also tends to have some Catholic politicians leading it, yet a trump worshiping “Protestant” base following. I consider it controlled opposition because it is a deception promoting ecumenism, such a deceptive political focus, is trying to bring “heaven on earth” and seems to be partially influenced by the new age. But you know, we are right on track on the prophetic timeline. Eternity is not too far from now.

  12. Unique end time markers: technology allowing preaching of gospel to every nation,city,village and thus allowing full number of gentiles to finally come in, and for first time ever the steady decline of the western Christian church- falling away… think carefully about these!

  13. I value your opinion. I consider you my pastor, JD, although I'm relatively new to you. Please, please go into more detail why you think The Reawaken America Tour is Demonic? I know it's confusing why Clay keeps inviting Scott McKay and Charlie Ward.. but everyone else is full of Christ's Word. Please tell me you weren't talking about Amanda Grace and Julie Greene. I really value your opinion. Please give more details on why you feel this way.

  14. I wish I knew exactly who you were talking about.. you've been on Jan Markel's program and she features Tom Hughes and Amir and Brandon holthaus, Jack Hibbs, Billy Crone. I love you JD. Your message is strong and blesses me weekly. I'm watching for my Lord. Sometimes my discernment is as strong as I pray for it to be

  15. Your talks are amazing. I’m so glad you don’t associate with Amir Rsafarti and the like.

    He himself promoted the vac and it’s unbelievable what these big ‘prophecy watchers’ are promoting.

    You’re one of the only ‘big’ channels in this genre I follow ❤

  16. One World…govt, religion & money (WEF, World Govt, UN Agenda2030 & Laudato Si with the Pope and House of One, Centralized Digital Biometric Currency with Billy-goat-gates-of-hell at the helm of the motb)…it's here now family so let's get ready to go home!


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