This audio bible meditation covers scriptures that deal with various levels of anger. Some anger is towards an isolated event, other anger is constant and out of control. This deals with both.



  1. I can control my anger to the point I’m not gonna hit someone but hitting something and screaming is the only way I deal with it and I’m trying to stop both of those as they’re still negative in many ways.

  2. I don't like my anger building up over the years. I tried to overlook but it started to make me passive aggressive. People took advantage of me and trampled on my pearls.

  3. Please pray for me, for I’m a very impulsive person. My humor goes from zero to intense berserk within seconds, I’m very volatile. And I know it’s wrong, I want to change this. I hate my temper and I feel bad when I scream and curse I can’t control myself and I really want to stop this situation. Thank you, may God always bless you.

    Please Jesus, help me control my temper 🙁 I hurt people or at least I annoy them with my cursing, I would rather not do it.

  4. ok so the bible encourages self control… how does this help resentment etc toward betrayal and injustice?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Did this guy really just FART in the middle of scripture meditation, then post it for everyone to hear?  At 10:45.  I love these videos and I'm grateful lol… This just broke my concentration right now lol.  Funny

  6. I've been angry because my Mommy is having kidney issues and even tho I'm a nurse i can't be there for her physically because she's on opposite coast and I just started new OR job. Pray miraculous healing over my Mommy's life as sge goes for kidney biopsy tomorrow

  7. God bless you my dear brother.. May the heavenly father bless your family in anyway and bring abundance of love and joy to you. Keep these coming bro.. May self control be with you in all matters in your life. Keep up the good fight brother for Jesus gave us the spirit to overcome . 🙏


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