Bible Signed by Trump Days after St. John’s Church Photo-Op Is Being Sold for $37,500

On Monday, a Bible featuring a signature from President Trump went up for sale with an asking price of $37,500.

Gary Zimet, who is the CEO and founder of Moments In Time, an online store that features rare autographs and historical documents, explained to Business Insider that the Bible was signed by Trump days after he stood in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington DC as he held up a Bible in his hand.

In June, the President was highly criticized for the incident as nearby protestors were dispersed with tear gas by law enforcement reportedly so that he could pose for a photo-op with the Bible in front of the church in Lafayette Square.

The Bible that Zimet is selling, however, is not the same one from the photo-op. The 67-year-old curator claimed that he had one of his contacts bring the Bible to the White House for Trump to sign the same week of the St. John’s Church controversy.

“Someone like him, having the gall to sign a Bible, after what he did in the photo op is revolting,” Zimet said.

While the online dealer is not a fan of the President, he recognizes that Trump signed memorabilia holds tremendous financial value.

“The only thing I’m interested in, vis-à-vis Trump, is making a profit off of him,” he asserted.

Zimet also has a baseball on sale that features the signatures of Trump as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“A high-ranking Russian government official obtained Putin’s signature in person at a public event. Trump’s signature was obtained at his rally in North Carolina on March 2, 2020,” the website explains.

According to Zimet, the Trump-signed memorabilia is the real deal as he has worked with letters and manuscripts for 42 years.

“I know Trump’s signature backwards and forwards,” he argued.

The Trump-signed Bible currently on sale is a black King James Bible that was made by Christian Art Publishers. The book has the words “Holy Bible” imprinted on the front cover, unlike the photo-op Bible, which has no words on the cover.

“Authenticity of ALL material offered for sale is guaranteed without time limitations, for full refund of purchase price,” as stated on the Moments in Time website.

Photo courtesy: ©Jonathan Sanchez/Unsplash

Milton Quintanilla is a freelance writer. Visit his blog Blessed Are The Forgiven.


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