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Bible study 2022 | How can we enter into God’s Kingdom | Christian sermons


Bible study 2022 | How can we enter into God’s Kingdom | Christian sermons

Hi, this is Vivian. Welcome to my channel. My channel mainly shares about the second coming of the Lord’s work. Today we will share: How will we enter into God’s Kingdom and How will God establish His own Kingdom on the earth?
Since we all know we are living in the last days, time for us all to welcome our Lord to come back.And the second coming Lord’s work is to bring us into His Kingdom. Then we must know where exactly the Lord will bring us to, otherwise, we will miss the chance to enter into God’s Kingdom.
Maybe lots of Christians will say that the Kingdom is surely in heaven. But is that really the truth? Let’s find out together.

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  1. The tabernacle of God is the heart of man or woman in whom the Spirit of God dwells. Jesus said, in order to see or enter the kingdom of heaven you must be born again. Man does not choose this. God does.

  2. When a baby was born, his/her eyes are crystal clear, innocent—Like Adam and Eve, the new born babies has the clear heart rely on God without any doubt…
    Babies grew up…day by day, year by year, were corrupted by satan over and over again…An adult has experience the bitter life, full of arrogance, evil nature, hate truths from God, hide ourselves in the dark again and again…Like Adam and Eve, were corrupted by satan and hided them from God…
    This result let us feel dark, and this restul let God feel cannot bear to see…
    But God never hide Himself to us…He start to save us, day by day, year by year, over thousands and thousands years…God has His hope in His heart, God hate the part mankind were corrupted by satan. But the good point is, God's hope on us is reaching to the end now, He gave us all the truhts we need, it is the time for us mankind to be matured, time for us to recover our oringinal likeness and time for us to welcome our Lord. Though there were full of sadness, but we are now enter into the new generation, time for our Lord to come back, God waited for us to be matured for such a long time, time for Him can finally give us all the trurths we need, over the age of Law,over the age of redemption, right now, right here, we are able to welcome our Lord to come back and give us the truths to defeat satan! My dear all family in Christ, time for us to welcome our Lord to say more words to us, this is the best time period for us all! God's love is always leading us to overcome every day! God bless! ❤❤❤❤❤

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