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  1. paul the "apostle" was an apostle of satan. satan impersonated Jesus when he spoke to paul on the damascus road. this isnt new. this is the same thing he did in the garden of eden to the serpent.

  2. How can Sunday worship be the strong delusion? Our current Gregorian calendar was created by Pope Gregory Xlll. The bible tells us to keep the 7th day holy but why do we assume that this day is Saturday on the Gregorian/pagan calendar system made by a man? The Hebrews in the bible determined the sabbaths by the phases of the moon. Shouldn’t we still do this today? Isn’t going by a calendar made by man already a deception?

  3. Excellent video.
    I think the 1/3 stars represent certain events rather than Angels. Stolen events.
    1 Angel, 1 angel was responsible for the death of between 185,000 to 2.500,000 men! (relative to the world's population then, that was a lot) All In one night. So stealthy that the lepers did not realize that until they ventured forth. Can this world, 3 or 4 dimensions we experience, contain Rogue millions-billions-trillions of these?! If that be the case, then it is only a Testament to HOW POWERFUL THE HOLY SPIRIT IS!
    I have wondered for sometime now why Jesus Christ said 'no one knows the hour, not the angels, NOT THE Son but only The Father'. Think about that for a moment. A part of GOD knows-not something. GOD knows not?!! WHAT BLASPHEMY. When did/ would Jesus Christ (intentionally) fall out of the loop? Perhaps, the moment of His death on the cross. His death for my sin. When the curtain tore.

    The curtain in the temple torn-in-half: From old times, men, both righteous and wicked, have studied the stars for a sign. The wise men who sought Christ followed a star. Some people claim, that a part of the heavens,separating The Holy Angels and GOD is a veil hence words such as 'from behind the veil'. If you think of this veil as a curtain, beautifully adorned WITH STARS. The order of events. If you were to tear a curtain in two, however well you did it(unless you are GOD; and even then maybe intentionally) small fibers/pieces would fall out. Christ was 'Offline' so to speak.

  4. Hey C7,

    Some of my thoughts I'll leave here:

    The first beast out of the sea (peoples of the whole world came together under a common language)
    Created the second beast out of the earth (technology, the computer, the internet, the www)

    The image of the beast? (A black screen connected the internet.)
    Yes people will set up the image of the beast in their own homes and let that image raise their kids.

  5. Who is called = 138+48+90+54+114+18+6+72+72+30+24 = 666 (Sumerian)

    A man of wars = 6+78+6+84+90+36+138+6+108+114 = 666 (Sumerian

    The Eden snake = 120+48+30 + 30+24+30+84 + 114+84+6+66+30 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Changed his name = 18+48+6+84+42+30+24+48+54+114+84+6+78+30 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Santa claus = 114+6+84+120+6+18+72+6+126+114 = 666 (Sumerian

    In a hidden plan = 54+84 + 6 + 48+54+24+24+30+84 + 96+72+6+84 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Code of the bible = 18+90+24+30 + 90+36 + 120+48+30 + 12+54+12+72+30 = 666 (Sumerian)

    For i know = 36+90+108+54+66+84+90+138 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Secret key = 114+30+18+108+30+120+66+30+150 = 666 (Sumerian

    By Searching = 12+150+114+30+6+108+18+48+54+84+42 = 666 (Sumerian)

    In the fields = 54+84+120+48+30+36+54+30+72+24+114 = 666 (Sumerian

    God of isreal = 42+90+24+90+36+54+114+108+30+6+72 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Flag of isreal = 36+72+6+42 + 90+36 + 54+114+108+30+6+72 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Six lines = 114+54+144 + 72+54+84+30+114 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Set on fire = 114+30+120 + 90+84 + 36+54+108+30 = 666 (Sumarian)

    As darkness = 6+114+24+6+108+66+84+30+114+114 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Corrupt = 18+90+108+108+126+96+120 = 666 (Sumerian)

    All souls = 6+72+72+114+90+126+72+114 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Humanity = 48+126+78+6+84+54+120+150 = 666 (Sumerian)

    follow man = 36+90+72+72+90+138 + 78+6+84 = 666 (Sumerian)

    And God Spoke = 6+84+24+42+90+24+114+96+90+66+30 = 666 (Sumerian

    Perfection = 96+30+108+36+30+18+120+54+90+84 = 666 (Sumerian)

    False healers = 36+6+72+114+30 + 48+30+6+72+30+108+114 = 666 (Sumerian)

    In his heart = 54+84+48+54+114+48+30+6+108+120 = 666 (Sumerian

    Man of riches = 78+6+84 + 90+36 + 108+54+18+48+30+114 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Has No love = 48+6+114 + 84+90 + 72+90+132+30 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Gates of death = 42+6+120+30+114+90+36+24+30+6+120+48 = 666 (Sumerian

    Hell Burns = 48+30+72+72 + 12+126+108+84+114 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Have eternal = 48+6+132+30+30+120+30+108+84+6+72 = 666 (Sumerian)

    Slaughter = 114+72+6+126+42+48+120+30+108 = 666 (Sumerian)

  6. That’s false teaching to say “there’s no ‘rapture’l when it’s found in 1 Thes.4:13:18 which precedes the Second Coming of Matt.24! “We the Saints come back WITH Him” at the Second Coming. Zech.14:1-5 When will you realize the mark of the beast IS “literal” when you can’t “buy or sell” without it?? 🤔 Its the ONLY thing close to Rev.13 that relates to “buying and selling!” You are tragically misleading your class and is no laughing matter that you teach the mark of the beast is NOT the chip and that it’s not a literal mark earlier in your video when He says “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.” Rev.13:18 You lack “wisdom” that comes from the Holy Spirit who gives us that dynamos power to live Holy in this flesh and discernment wisdom and understanding of scripture and who “leads us into ALL truth and show us things to come!” John 16:13 “Have you received the Holy Ghost SINCE you believed?” Acts 19:2 🤔 I suggest you invite Him in your heart and ASK HIM cause If you take that chip you WILL burn in eternity forever! “And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.” Rev.14:11 Now how is that not a LITERAL mark… and what does that have to do with “Sunday Worship??” I am a Sabbath keeper and KNOW that “Sunday Worship” is NOT the mark of the beast! You’re setting your followers up for martyrdom via beheading cause anyone who believes your way WILL be left behind from the imminent “rapture” when the light bulb tragically will go off when it’s too late! I mean you will have that last slim chance to repent at that point and still be in eternity with the Most High God but without the Holy Spirit NO one will be able to die for Jesus the Christ! Folk better start reading 📖 the Word themselves “study to show yourselves APPROVED…” 2 Tim.2:15 “line upon line precept upon precept here a little there a little” Is.28:10 and “Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem?” Is.2:22 I pray you REPENT and wake up before it’s too late and learn the truth and start teaching it! Godspeed and God bless! 💯❤️

  7. My pastor said it's not going to be a chip in the hand he said it's knowing the wisdom of God that's God's Mark no one his knowledge knowing the Biblein the people that have the devil's Mark will be the ones that don't worship Jesus and don't know the knowledge of God

  8. you're right you are right brother Trump is not on our side man I'm trying to tell people that he's on their side they're just mad all they are jealous of him they'll be best friends after he's out of officethey'll be out playing golf together I've seen pictures of these people man I've seen President Trump and Hillary Clinton laughing together and everything

  9. JOKERS IN THE PACK 🃏…….ANTHONY JOSHUA ( OBE and boxing heavyweight champion) EXPOSED: Are BLM really who they say they are ? Hell no!! BLM was founded by Nigerian lesbians who got backing from George Soros or George Sorrow, as I like to call him because he is a miserable old git who does not know what to do with his money. Yes, people should protest against the injustices by the police but pushing the leftist Bill Gates agenda is another thing. How is abortion and Bill Gates’s planned parenthood saving lives of your own people Anthony Joshua?….Oh wait! They are not your own people? …..Anthony Joshua, John Boyega, Nollywood and BLM founders are Nigerians who sold their souls to the Devils….Hmmm….Are you connecting the dots?

    Here’s the thing: Hey Anthony ! If BLM then why do you keep your OBE?…Wasn’t it Prince William who said that there were too many people in Africa? ….Huh?…..Lost your tongue Anthony? Do these sellouts think we were born yesterday?
    So yeah peops, beware of these two faced sell out hypocrites who would sell you down the river.

  10. JOKERS IN THE PACK 🃏 …….JOHN BOYEGA (a  Star wars actor) FINALLY EXPOSED: Are BLM good role models? Hell no!…All lives matter and that includes unborn babies – neonates.

    Here’s the thing: How can BLM represent you when they are pushing abortion to the masses? ….Huh…Lost you tongues?
     So yeah, John Boyega or John Bull you know what, please don’t give up your day job!

  11. you're right brother try to tell people this then you get the kids away from these stuff all these cartoons and stuff with all theseI don't know like he's half shark and and have turtles and stuff like that that's train humanism the odds against that it's an abomination for 1 and all these Greek gods and goddesses of stuff they use them in the superheroes I take the Bible in a flip it around and make their comics out of it and other characters you're right bro

  12. Yeah we've been lied to brother about everything about the Earth everything earth flat man in a dome montopolis the firmamentthey never went to space they never went to the moon or none of that stuff you can't get past the firmamentand they all say the rocks are stars and stuff and no they're not those are angels I've got pictures of them that I took myself moving and stuff inside there in a prison like thing it's like a God had put them in there they're pretty for all the bad stuff they've done they left I think it's the one that left their first estate I know they're Angels though in there and they're not good angelsbecause when I looked at these Stars y'all up close these guys are mad they're trying to get out these guys are trying to get out of those Stars guys and I'm telling you they're moving I mean they're trying to bust out you can see their hands moving their arms moving and they are ugly looking I mean they look vicious guysit's like a bunch of energy yes looks like a big old energy of a creature in I don't know it's hard to explainimagine they look different once they come out of the store or the prison or whatever it is they're in that God put them in but you're right they are angels the called The luminaries I'm so glad to find people that know their Bible

  13. Hey brother I have a question do you think whenever the pope was brought in and the lightning hit the church so there's do you think that could have been you Satan as lightning hitting the Catholic church and him being in the church like I said because they're saying that Satan's in the Catholic Church

  14. Brother I'm so glad you know the truthyou keep teaching this truth brother you are teaching the truth about the rapture there is no rapture and it's going to lead people to SatanI had a good pastor named Arnold Murray he's passed away now but I'll still go to his church cuz his son took over and I watch it every dayand I read my Bible with them every day because I do want the Lord and I know the true Jesus and that Jesus that's on that Catholic cross that crucifix that ain't Jesus

  15. yes people those spirits that you see that you think are your people and your family they're not those are demons lying to you they're evil spirits this man just told you that right to your faces from the Bible all these people think there's ghosts and stuff no there's not those are evil spirits and demons the powers-that-be the principalities I know I seen them in the flesh I've seen Satan himself and I'm not lyingbecause as soon as I said Jesus name I rebuke you in Jesus name I rebuke you in Jesus name three times they scream like they were in pain and they flew and left so I can't right now Jesus is his name for you if you are that don't believe that his name is Jesusinfor to the ones that don't believe he's real and that you can't use him yes you can and he loves us and you should love him and he will protect you he did me as a child because there was demons after me as a childadd a lot of is a spiritual experiences growing up and he always protecting me every time I said rebuke you in the name of Jesus it works even towards the Extra-Terrestrial looking things those are otherwise why would his name work against them y'all need to wakeup people out there that don't knowthe people that do know and just don't care you need to start caring because Jesus is real and he loves you and you better go to him before it's too late

  16. One more thing brother I'm sorry to blow up your channel but I really love your so you talk real truth manbut I have all kinds of pictures life pictures of movie stars that have Freemason rings on their hands and you can see it they even you ever seen washed away look at the frog's finger he even had the Freemason ring on

  17. you're right brother area 51 is not aliens are demons they're in there they're talkin business in that place their building these things and stuff man is crazy technology in there demonic technology what do you think it's coming from it's coming from the fallen Angels the nephilim

  18. Yeah they're going to think these aliens are going to come down and rapture them out of here before we go through all this trouble and tribulations which they don't know is it's the Antichrist and his demonsthat's why there's a big old things about aliens that's why he leans are so popular the devil planned this since people know aliens and love alien so much and their fooled by this the devil's using this to trick them into believing that there's a rapture and that they're going to I'm telling you people is true they're already talking about other religions are already talking about there in x deal and it's just similar to ours but just aliens involved

  19. Rev 7:3 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."

    I feel there are 2 stages to the mark of the beast. 1st step the microchip the physical acceptance and 2nd
    I feel the same when people
    bow down to the anti christ there will be the spiritual mark of the beast seal in their foreheads.

  20. I know your next lesson is tongues well I already know what times are if I can may say this if I could people tongues are not that Spirit the Kundalini that the Jehovah witness and the Pentecostals and all that say is the holy spirit in tongues what tongues does mean is language my pastor new seven different languages including Hebrew was his favorite and he taught me verse by verse chapter by chapter the real truth of the Bible denomination is an abomination we're not supposed to be a denomination we were only supposed to be Christians only there is no such thing as a rapture it's called the second Advent which is the second coming not the third comingthese people have the Bible all wrong and they are teaching it on purpose it is satan doing this I try to tell people he's using are Christian people against us to deceive us so they're teaching false doctrineI believe in all this wrap your stuff and all this stuff I even believe tongues where that gibberish stuff but I kind of thought something was wrong because it didn't look at Godley it didn't look like it was a Jesus an the Holy Spirit it scared me really well as a child but I just wanted to tell people that yes if anybody tells you the power tongs and they start doing all that gibberish stuff and shaking and all that demonic stuff that is the Kundalini look it up if they did they match to a full-time promise youit's the same Spirit I'm telling you the spirit of tongues all that is his language and people need an interpreter sometimes my pastor was his own interpreterthat's all it means it means when you know a different language and you go to another country and you speak that language you can speak the gospel to them easier it's all it means peopleplease do not fall for this false spirit it is a Kundalini spirit which is of antichrist


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